Nano users come out of the closet, we demystify NFS a bit & discuss the top 5 commands new Linux users should learn.

Plus a NUC killer with a GPU, new Cinnamon & more!

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Vim text editor turns 25

Over 25 years ago, when some of your professional colleagues were still toddlers, Bram Moolenaar started working on a text editor for his Amiga. He was a user of vi on Unix, but the Amiga didn’t have anything quite like it. On November 2, 1991, after three years in development, he released the first version of the “Vi IMitation” editor, or _Vim._

Zotac crams AMD’s Radeon RX 480 into a tiny gaming mini-PC that’s built for VR

Zotac’s selling the new mini PC in three models: _barebones, Plus, and Windows 10. The barebones version is what you’d expect in a kit like this. It comes with a 2.2GHz Intel “Skylake” Core i5-6400T CPU and the aforementioned Radeon RX 480, but lacks RAM, storage, and an operating system._

Official Ubuntu Flavor Mythbuntu Linux Is Dead, What About My TV Shows?

The developers of the Mythbuntu Linux distribution have announced that the development of the official Ubuntu flavor will come to an end in the coming future. The reason stated is the lack of manpower of work on updates and bug fixing. For MythTV, the users can install Xubuntu and add Mythbuntu repository.

ChrisLAS Rocks Cali

Great dumplings, no not Chris. The Shandong restaurant.


Cinnamon 3.2 Desktop Environment Now Available with Support for Vertical Panels

Cinnamon 3.2 also comes with workspace switcher improvements, simplified background manager, keyboard navigation fo__r context menus, updated appindicators and settings, support for displaying percentage next to the volume slider, vfade effect by default, as well as hover delay functionality to hot corners.

Freeing my tablet (Android hacking, SW and HW)

I wanted to run a Debian chroot in my tablet; and there was no open-source rooting
process for it. That triggered me enough to have a deeper look at Android,
and eventually completely dominate my tablet.

FileZilla Secure – Dedicated to keeping your FTP passwords secure.

tl;dr FileZilla does not encrypt your saved FTP passwords and I got hacked. FileZilla Secure will encrypt your saved FTP passwords with a master password.


Please explain NFS to me before I destroy something

Are you planning (or have you already) to make a guide/tutorial/segment on setting up NFS at home?

I realize NFS spans a wide range of use cases, but I am interested from the perspective of a desktop Linux user, how to share media and documents with my family on our (W)LAN.

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5 terminal commands every Linux newbie should know

Sometimes you’ll need to use the terminal, but it’s not as scary as you think. We come up with the basic commands new users might want to learn.

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