Linux server installs sometimes don’t go as planned. We take you through the hardware modifications we made to install Chris’ new NAS in Lady Jupiter (his RV).

Plus are we faking it about Microsoft joining the Linux Foundation?

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Brought to you by: Linux Academy

Hacking the UPS

This week we install the NAS that was reviewed last episode, and take you through some of the hardware modifications we made to get this Linux rig installed.


Runs Linux

The Synthetic Human RUNS LINUX

Sent in by: Craig T
Hi Guys,

I was watching a documentary over here that is forked from a new TV series Humans which follows a world where synthetic Human’s are part of life.

Anyway the show made a documentary to see how far off creating Synthetic human’s we are : How to build a Human

They appear to be using Ubuntu to program the robot for speech interaction its at about 13:48through the video.

  • Craig

Desktop App Pick


Sent in by Tux t

Ranger is a console file manager with VI key bindings. It provides a minimalistic and nice curses interface with a view on the directory hierarchy. It ships with “rifle”, a file launcher that is good at automatically finding out which program to use for what file type.

  • UTF-8 Support
  • Multi-column display
  • Preview of the selected file/directory
  • Common file operations (create/chmod/copy/delete/…)
  • VIM-like console and hotkeys
  • Renaming multiple files at once
  • Automatically determine file types and run them with correct programs
  • Change the directory of your shell after exiting ranger
  • Tabs, Bookmarks, Mouse support
  • True Color Image previews [How to enable]
  • Video thumbnails [How to enable]


SSH Tunnel

Sent in By Oliver A

Transparent proxy server that works as a poor man’s VPN. Forwards over ssh. Doesn’t require admin. Works with Linux and MacOS. Supports DNS tunneling.

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— NEWS —

Microsoft SQL On linux is The Real Deal

Now available in a public preview, SQL Server for Linux aims to be full-featured like the Windows edition and a robust, long-term choice for enterprises

Those who wondered what it would be like to run Microsoft SQL Server on Linux now have an answer. Microsoft has released the first public preview of the long-promised product.

Microsoft also wants to make clear this isn’t a “SQL Server Lite” for those satisfied with a reduced feature set. Microsoft has a four-point plan to make this happen.

Microsoft Joins the Linux Foundation

It isn’t about Linux alone

And neither is the Linux Foundation. A lot of the projects Microsoft has been helping under the Linux Foundation umbrella are infrastructure and developer-oriented projects that Microsoft’s user base is interested in using.

Microsoft still has a lot of proprietary software, and it’s going to stay that way

Make no mistake: This move does not constitute a signal that Microsoft is preparing to open-source its key products. The Microsoft Windows kernel, Microsoft SQL Server, crucial parts of the Azure stack, and so on—they are all still strong moneymakers for Microsoft in their current incarnations. You can expect them to remain proprietary for a good long while.

This helps Microsoft help itself

A common theme in discussions about Microsoft’s involvements with Linux and open source is that it’s been a self-serving effort. Over time, Microsoft has found more places where its best interests coincide nicely with those of others—but again, in a pragmatic and transactional manner.

There’s still a lot of room for change on Microsoft’s part

Don’t get this wrong, Microsoft joining the Linux Foundation would have been unthinkable even a short time ago. But it is only one of many possible steps that Microsoft could take.

The Five Dollar Tool That Breaks Passwords

The perils of leaving computers unattended just got worse, thanks to a newly released exploit tool that takes only 30 seconds to install a privacy-invading backdoor, even when the machine is locked with a strong password.

PoisonTap, as the tool has been dubbed, runs freely available software on a $5/£4 Raspberry Pi Zero device. Once the payment card-sized computer is plugged into a computer’s USB slot, it intercepts all unencrypted Web traffic, including any authentication cookies used to log in to private accounts. PoisonTap then sends that data to a server under the attacker’s control. The hack also installs a backdoor that makes the owner’s Web browser and local network remotely controllable by the attacker.

It Turns Out The Btrfs RAID 5/6 Issue Isn’t Completely Fixed

_with headlines like “btrfs RAID5/RAID6 support is finally fixed” when that’s very much not the case. Only one bug has been removed for the key use case that makes RAID5 interesting, and it’s just the first of many that still remain in the path of a user trying to recover from a normal disk failure.


Mail Bag
  • Name: Broken Canoe

  • Subject: Data Privacy Following The Presidential Election

Hey Chris, – this is something I’ve had a lot of people ask me following Trump’s victory, – “should I keep my data in the cloud on services based in the US now that Trump is President?”

I think it’s a valid question, and one worth discussing on LAS or User Error. The general feeling is that infringements on privacy and civil liberties will only get worse in the coming years. Interested to hear your thoughts, more so that you use Dropbox.

Message: + Name: Daniel T

  • Subject: Touchpad Issue

in Gnome 3.20 (I think) Gnome switched to use libinput over synaptic for the touchpad lib. you need to remove xf86-input-synaptic and install xf86-input-libinput. but you also need to remove the synaptic config file. Forgive me I don’t remember what/where it is. Antergos may still be setting it up with synaptic

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