We get the inside scoop about some fantastic collaboration happening between three Linux distributions that are supposedly big competitors.

Plus Google’s response to Ubuntu Core & the big NextCloud news!

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Follow Up / Catch Up

Nextcloud 11 sets new standard for security and scalability – Nextcloud

This release introduces significant security improvements, attested by NCC Group, a global expert in cyber security and risk mitigation to “complement the existing security architecture” and “enhance the general standing of the security working environment.

New security capabilities include:

  • Support for cutting edge browser security features CSP 3.0 and Same-site Cookies
  • Support for Kerberos authentication and Two-factor Authentication providers based on Universal 2nd Factor and Time-based One-Time Password
  • Expanded brute force protection to all API access points
  • More secure Federation through use of SSL/TLS
  • Our new app store automatically checks apps and enforces signatures

Scalability is a prime concern among our large enterprise customers. This release decreases database load by up to 80% and improves response time by up to 60% for common server operations. Combined with multi-bucket Object Store support, improved handling of previews and Collabora Online speed improvements Nextcloud 11 enables scaling to greater numbers of users and files, decreases the server load and improves the user experience.

Nextcloud 11 introduces Apache Solr powered Full Text Search, enabling users to find words or phrases in text, pdf and common office documents on internal, external, shared and encrypted storage. The next generation Federation technology introduces a central lookup server, enabling Nextcloud users to find each other irrespective of the server their account resides on. The experimental Spreed app integrates secure, peer to peer audio and video chat in Nextcloud.

After following this guide Ubuntu Core and any installed snaps (and
their data) will reside on the SD card and the 1TB hard disk in the
Nextcloud box will be available for file storage.

This guide explains how to:

  • Install and configure Ubuntu Core 16 for the Raspberry Pi 3
  • Format the 1TB hard disk in the Nextcloud Box and auto-mount it
  • Install the Nextcloud snap and connect the removable-media interface to allow access to the hard disk
  • Activate and configure the Nextcloud External Storage app so the hard disk can be used to store files
  • Optional configuration of Email and HTTPS for Nextcloud

Plasma Meets Nextcloud | KDE.news

A feature that has been discussed is synchronization of settings, password and file metadata over cloud servers.

McAfee Virus Scan for Linux

A system running Intel’s McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Linux can be compromised by remote attackers due to a number of security vulnerabilities. Some of these vulnerabilities can be chained together to allow remote code execution as root.


Linus Torvalds releases ‘biggest ever’ Linux 4.9, then saves Christmas

“I’m pretty sure this is the biggest release we’ve ever had, at least in number of commits,” Torvalds writes on the Linux Kernel Mailing List

CrossOver 16 Launches, Powered By Wine 2.0 & Supports Office 2013

_CodeWeavers has finally accomplished their four year old mission of supporting Microsoft Office 2013 on Mac and Linux via their Wine-based Crossover software. CrossOver 16 rolls out today with Office 2013 support among other changes.

Security-Oriented CoreOS Linux Operating System Is Now Known as Container Linux

On December 12, 2016, CoreOS developer Alex Polvi was thrilled to announce that the security-oriented GNU/Linux distribution changed its name from CoreOS to Container Linux by CoreOS.


I’m extremely pleased that Solus​ and Ubuntu MATE are deepening our collabor…

I’m extremely pleased that ****+Solus****​ and Ubuntu MATE are deepening our collaboration 🙂

So much so I said words about it the recent “This week in Solus”

“Ubuntu MATE have been looking to replace MATE Menu (forked from mintMenu) for sometime. It is clear the Brisk Menu, despite being in the very early stages of development, is the project that can achieve that given the quality of work coming out of the Solus project.”

Linux Academy

Google launches first developer preview of Android Things, its new IoT platform

Google today announced Android Things, its new comprehensive IoT platform for building smart devices on top of Android APIs and Google’s own services. Android Things is now available as a developer preview.

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