We chat with Joss from NextCloud about two factor, crazy performance improvements, the OwnCloud hangover, setting up your ultimate Dropbox and Google Docs replacements & more!

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Brought to you by: Linux Academy

NextCloud 11

This release introduces significant security improvements, attested by NCC Group, a global expert in cyber security and risk mitigation to “complement the existing security architecture” and “enhance the general standing of the security working environment.

New security capabilities include:

  • Support for cutting edge browser security features CSP 3.0 and Same-site Cookies* Support for Kerberos authentication and Two-factor Authentication providers based on Universal 2nd Factor and Time-based One-Time Password* Expanded brute force protection to all API access points* More secure Federation through use of SSL/TLS* Our new app store automatically checks apps and enforces signatures

Scalability is a prime concern among our large enterprise customers. This release decreases database load by up to 80% and improves response time by up to 60% for common server operations. Combined with multi-bucket Object Store support, improved handling of previews and Collabora Online speed improvements Nextcloud 11 enables scaling to greater numbers of users and files, decreases the server load and improves the user experience.

Nextcloud 11 introduces Apache Solr powered Full Text Search, enabling users to find words or phrases in text, pdf and common office documents on internal, external, shared and encrypted storage. The next generation Federation technology introduces a central lookup server, enabling Nextcloud users to find each other irrespective of the server their account resides on. The experimental Spreed app integrates secure, peer to peer audio and video chat in Nextcloud.

How to Install from a SNAP

This Nextcloud snap is available in the store for release series 16 (e.g. Ubuntu 16.04).

$ sudo snap install nextcloud

$ sudo snap install –candidate nextcloud

Or if you already have it installed (not recommended for production systems):

$ sudo snap refresh –candidate nextcloud


Runs Linux

Uber’s new Self Driving Cars, Run Linux

Uber is expanding its self-driving pilot to San Francisco, giving Bay Area residents the first taste of a driverless future. Anyone who hails an UberX could find themselves in the backseat of one of Uber’s self-driving Volvo XC90 SUVs.

Desktop App Pick

Hiri Email Client

Hiri is an email client that helps you master the art of email.

A complete replacement for Microsoft Outlook


Collaborate with up to 10 members of your team for free. You can see our pricing here.


Piler open source email archiving

Email archiving provides lots of benefits to your company. Piler is a feature rich open source email archiving solution, and a viable alternative to commercial email archiving products; check out the comparison with Mailarchiva.

Piler has a nice GUI written in PHP supporting several authentication methods (AD/LDAP, SSO, Google OAuth, 2 FA, IMAP, POP3). Be sure to try the online demo!

Piler supports

  • archiving and retention rules
  • legal hold
  • deduplication
  • digital fingerprinting and verification
  • full text search
  • tagging emails
  • view, export, restore emails
  • bulk import/export messages
  • audit logs
  • Google Apps
  • Office 365
  • and many more

Chris’ Personal YouTube Channel – MeetBSD and Behind the Scenes Noah Vist Videos Soon

— NEWS —

0-days hitting Fedora and Ubuntu open desktops to a world of hurt

The zero-day exploits, which Evans published on Tuesday, are the latest to challenge the popular conceit that Linux, at least in its desktop form

Ubuntu 17.04 Swaps Swap Partitions for Swap Files

Canonical’s Dimitri John Ledkov announced today that **Ubuntu 17.04 will use Swap files by default **on non-LVM installs (which if you just click through the installer, is the default setting).

Open-Source Warsow Game Development Appears To End

The Warsow video game was powered by the Qfusion engine, which they evolved into an advanced version of the open-source Quake II code. Thus it was a GPL game engine while their artwork ended up being under the Creative Commons. While it was one of the better open-source FPS video games and saw routine updates — along with passing Steam Greenlight a few years back — it looks like it’s now game over.

Microsoft Office Ribbon UI Is Coming to LibreOffice

LibreOffice 5.3 hides a hidden, Microsoft Office-style ‘Ribbon’ interface — but we’reg going to show you how to enable it.


Ask Noah


Mail Bag
  • Name: Alex S.
  • Subject: School Presentation

  • Message:

Hey Noah and/or Chris,
So I have an anxiety disorder that make giving presentations a bit dangerous for me (think, passing out and bashing your face into things) so I get accommodations from my university’s RCPD that basically just add a little legal weight to any discussions I have with teachers to set up alternatives to giving presentations. This semester one of my teachers is allowing me to make a slide deck of the research I did and record me giving the presentation in audio only and turn that in rather than actually presenting in front of the class.
I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage the recording side of things since I run Linux exclusively so none of the teacher’s suggestions would work but then I remembered you guys talking about OBS and thought, since it’s in the AUR, I’d just install it and see if it could do what I needed.

AND IT DOES! It’s exactly what I need for my final presentation and I only knew it existed because you guys talked about it so I just wanted to say thanks! It’s not the first recommendation I’ve gotten from LAS but it is the first one that helps me with school work.
So, yeah, thanks again for the (indirect) help.

  • Name: Stefan R
  • Subject: Arch Help

  • Message:

Hey there Chris and Noah,

since I heard that Noah finally switched to Arch (Antergos) I decided it was time to ask this question.

How did you get hybrid graphics to work?

I have a nice 17,3″ ASUS Laptop (Intel i5-5200U, Nvidia 920M, Samsung SSD) which works just fine with every Linux-distro I’ve thrown at it so far, but the only thing that seems to work only on Ubuntu is the graphics switching.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Ubuntu Mate (which it’s running now), but I’d rather have it run a rolling distro.

I simply cannot get it to work properly and trust me, I’ve tried everything:

  • Arch Wiki
  • Antergos Wiki
  • Ubuntu Wiki
  • forums

  • opensource drivers

  • proprietary drivers
  • bumblebee
  • prime
  • lts-kernel + lts-drivers
  • cutting edge kernel + cutting edge drivers

and ran into all sorts of problems:

  • bumblebee is working with os-drivers, but steam does not start
  • bumblebee is working with proprietary-drivers, but steam does not start
  • no drivers are working
  • steam does start, but only on Intel graphics

I’d like it to work like in Ubuntu where you choose the card in Nvidia-XServer-Settings, logout and log back in.

Thank you for your help and greetings from Austria (no Chris it’s not Australia)

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