Back to School | STOked 91

Back to School | STOked 91

We’re back! During our week off, Cryptic surprised us with a direct-to-Holodeck launch of Starfleet Academy, and we’ve got no choice but to geek out in some major ways about their take on this iconic environment. We also have in-game shots of the Enterprise-F, now called an Odyssey Class Cruiser, and you know the ship geeks have to make their final opinions heard.

Before we jump into a brand new Community Feedback, there’s also the July Engineering Report to review, and OH BROTHER it’s got some juicy teases about future content that’ve got our brain juices pumping. Tune in to hear our thoughts!

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Show Notes:


Foundry re-opened…

  • … with issues … still no editing capabilities
  • AUTHORS: If your mission is broken, go HERE
  • There’s also a bug on Tribble where C-Store unlocks are linked to Foundry building assets – it will be corrected, these should not be locked for those that haven’t purchased them

Ent F Dev Diary

  • The FINAL design, revealed at last… hear our thoughts!
  • Odyssey Class (how many times will that be spelled wrong?)
  • Daniel Stahl – an “official blogger” for
  • Action Shots

Starfleet Academy

  • OMG!
  • Accolade + Title for reading all of the plaques (which are references to episodes and movies)
  • Fleetmates showed me a way to get “out of bounds” where I went running on the waves and climbing to the tops of buildings.
  • Cadet Uniforms walkin’ around
  • Shuttle traffic, nice touch
  • Mission replay accessible from Holodecks (but, it’d be nice to be able to ‘launch’ the mission)
  • They nailed the look that we saw in Voyager Season 5 Episode 4 – In the Flesh.

Engineering Report

  • I enjoy this bullet point: “Lots of tickets from Season 4 launch” … heh
  • The first open zone ground combat area (Invasion zone)
  • Trivia and Lore missions for Social Zones
  • 6 new end-game gear sets (3 space, 3 ground)
  • Moving kit/armor options to Tailor
  • Combining all marks (etc) into a single scaling Emblem currency
  • C-Store / Emblem trading
  • “One Sector Map To Rule Them All” (in discussion for S5)

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Special Edition : Borg/Academy


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