Solus might just be the distribution to watch in 2017. Every intention & tweak coming together to create something unique in Linux land. Noah & Chris take two very different views of this important up & coming distro.

Plus the big news of the week, picks, emails & more!

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Solus Review

The 6 Linux Distros We’re Most Excited For in 2017 – OMG! Ubuntu!

Solus couldn’t not feature on this list, could it? It’s arguably the most innovative and important desktop Linux distribution to arrive in the last few years — and it’s one that has been built pretty much entirely from scratch!

Yup, Solus is not an Ubuntu fork wearing a different shade of lipstick, or a over-themed Fedora port. It’s a bona-fide brilliant OS in its own right, with its own desktop (Budgie, built impeccably upon GNOME technologies so that it can run without issue on other distros); its own package manager (‘eopkg’); and it has a laser-like focus on being a good desktop distribution.

While, in 2016, Solus is not the most stable of operating systemst (it is a rolling release, after all) one has to appreciate that it is, comparatively, very early days for the OS, which is amazing when you see what they’ve achieved in such a short space of time.

Solus Announces First Release Of Brisk Menu | Solus


Runs Linux

In South Korea the World’s first giant manned robot, runs Linux

The world’s first giant, manned robot “Method-2” took some of it’s first steps in the Gunpo studio of Hankook Mirae Technology company near Seoul, Thursday.

The 3,9m (13ft) Method-2 robot responds to the actions of its handler who is seated in a central cockpit, walking like a human and moving its 130kg (286lbs) robot arms and fingers.

Around 30 engineers have been testing the mammoth machine and lead designer Vitaly Bulgarov drew inspiration from his previous work on the fantasy films, Transformers and Terminator. Since 2014 the company have invested about $200 million (€191.3 million) in the robot’s production and development and estimate it could be on sale by the end of 2017 at a price of around $8,3 million (€7,9 million).

Desktop App Pick



RT — Best Practical Solutions

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Request Tracker receives and manages all email sent to your key email addresses: support@, sales@, helpdesk@, security@.

RT’s Lifecycles allow you to create custom workflows with your ticket statuses, actions, and transitions to mirror your process.

— NEWS —

The company that wanted to put ‘a bullet through Google’s head’ is dead

Cyanogen Inc., a startup based in Palo Alto, is shutting down all its services, including nightly builds. The company’s open source fork CyanogenMod will also be discontinued on New Year’s Eve.

Yes, this is us. – Lineage OS – Lineage OS Android Distribution

So, yes, this is us. LineageOS will be a continuation of what CyanogenMod was. To quote Andy Rubin, this is the definition of open. A company pulling their support out of an open source project does not mean it has to die.

Check back for more information on Tuesday.

Written on December 24, 2016

Infrastructure Status & Official Builds – Lineage OS – Lineage OS Android Distribution

We’re working on getting everything operational and would like to thank everyone who’s reached out offering assistance.

Emby Server 3.1: Faster and Lighter than Ever Before

A new release of Emby Server is currently rolling out. This new release has a lot of important bug fixes, as well as new features. It’s also much faster than ever before and we think you’re going to enjoy that. Let’s go over the highlights.

OBS Studio 17.0.0 adds support for capturing previous x minutes and a Linux memory leak fix

General changes:
– Added a replay buffer feature. The replay buffer is available in just simple output mode (for now, will add it to advanced output mode later), and allows the user to create snapshot recordings (via hotkey) of a specific amount of time prior to triggering the hotkey.
– Added saturation and hue shift to color correction filter
– Added import/export options for scene collections and profiles
– Added the ability to copy and paste scene item transforms
– Added options to the output timer tool to start the output timers every time recording/streaming is started
– Increased maximum number of possible audio tracks to 6 (up from 4), allowing more advanced audio splitting
– Fixed a bug where semi-transparent images would not look right when filters were applied
– Fixed a bug where Y800 (grayscale) video devices would come out as red
– Fixed a freeze when reordering filters
– Fixed a X11-related memory leak in certain cases (causing memory to slowly continue to allocate memory until exhausted)


Hexoshi is a libre game generally inspired by the Metroid series. It is a work in progress, but once completed, it will be onpon4’s biggest game yet, with a maze-like world spanning hundreds of individual rooms. The intention is to make this one of the greatest libre free-roaming games to date.

Mail Bag
  • Name: Ken M
  • Subject: Antergos … GDM = Wayland… NATIVE! Was it before Fedora 25…???

  • Message: Antergos … GDM = Wayland… NATIVE! Was it before Fedora 25…???

So, watched show LAS 445 Hats Off to Wayland and found something very interesting. I’ve been running Debian on all my PC’s in the house… server and “workstations”. I decided to give Antergos a try based of some of your recent shows. I like it so much, I switched all my workstations to Antergos… Server is still Debian, but I like stable for that. Let me tell you, the switch was a bit of a process… I have my own “post install script” I run that installs software, maps nfs blah blah had to change that to look at distro to know if pacman or apt should be used. Anyway, all is great again.

But back to my point. The family room pc (intel NUC), I like to have GDM on it. It’s a touch screen monitor and my kids can just tap their icon, it goes in and on their desktop it has shortcuts to stuff like Well, I had set up all that before switching it to GDM. Made the switch and icons disappeared! WHAT? Come to find out, Antergos automatically starts using Wayland when you disable lightdm and enable GDM. And with wayland on Antergos, it won’t display desktop icons, so at lgin screen I had to change kids default desktop to “Gnome on Xorg” to get their icons back.

So, during the show, I had an “AH HA!” moment when you said something to the effect of “Wayland liking GDM” So… jumped on one of my test rigs that had Antergos with lightdm… sure enough, multiple entries for Gnome in desktop selection at login, but now matter which ones I tried, none of them would fire up Gnome on wayland. I disabled lightdm and enable gdm and sure enough… gnome with wayland. Command: echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE told me so! Seems to be, no matter what, when using lightdm it will default to xorg no matter what you choose.
So, keep that in mind …. might be also be why Noah had different experiences with mouse usage.

So, yes… Antergos does bring you Gnome on Wayland natively… if you use GDM instead of lightdm. And guessing you had it before Fedora 25 if you used GDM.

  • Name: Jason C
  • Subject: Hangover on Nextcloud… Calendar on Nextcloud 11 major bug spams a users contacts while importing a calendar from google

  • Message: Hey Chris and Noah,

Today I installed Nextcloud 11 on FreeBSD11.0p6, I was totally impressed and after setting up the admin account decided I would set up a user and see what was possible.

I decided to not initially setup an email account but rather first imported google contacts, and a google calendar. They were large datasets from an account I have been using since 2005.

That may have been a mistake… As the calendar was importing I started to get bounce mails come into my server’s postmaster account.

Nextcloud was sending all those who were invited to previous calendar events emails from sitename@configdomain.tld

So my server was spamming 11 years of calendar contacts…

Immediately I shut down postfix on my freebsd server…

sudo service postfix onestop

and notice that still the import was not only half way finished and already over 100 mails were sent out…

This is going to really piss off folks like me who saw this project featured on Linux Action Show and decided to import data into a new install. Ut was specifically touted this project as a replacement for Google Apps and Dropbox!

Well it seems like less marketing promo press releases and more devs testing especially the functions users use when adopting nextcloud is in order.


P.S. I know posting chat from IRC is not good form for a bug report but hopefully you can let your viewers know to beware of the import tools until they are more closely audited…

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