Mike’s got three wishes for the new year, Chris has a new Echo Dot & Google has partnerships to put Assistant in your TV.

Plus why Mike got rid of his office, GitHub’s near term future & how terrible code gets written by sane people.

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Chris got 3 Echo Dots for the studio

Lots of testing has taken place. And a video about our setup:

Alexa: Amazon’s Operating System – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

The concept of an operating system is pretty straightforward: it is a piece of software that manages a computer, making said computer’s hardware resources accessible to software through a consistent set of interfaces.

Coming soon: Your Google Assistant on Android TV and more

Google soon to crush Alexa?

App Store shatters records on New Year’s Day – Apple

  • $240 million in customer purchases makes January 1, 2017 the App Store’s busiest day ever
    • App developers earned $20 billion in 2016 — up 40 percent from 2015

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