What’s happening in 2017, before it happens. It’s our annual predictions episode, Chris & Noah surprise each other with their futurecasting.

Plus why Ubuntu Phone is going on a hiatus of sorts, Neon puts KDE in a Container & much more!

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— Show Notes: —


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  • Chris’ Predictions:

  • Big year for media production on Linux. Linux is damn near perfect for audio podcasting already.

  • Microsoft makes a deal with Canonical to run a product on Ubuntu blessed Kernel
  • A great year for Elementary OS / Solus – For different reasons, that appeal to a large and not yet discovered base.
  • Plasma Desktop’s best year in ages. They’ve hit a stride and the Neon project is showing everyone the results as fast as they can ship it.
  • Gnome will likely be the biggest receiver of Macs exodus.

  • Dell expands its Linux line to the point that I start taking them seriously as a Linux vendor.

  • Valve pulls back on Steam Machines for 2017, doubles down on Steam Link.
  • Valve Brings early VR to Linux.
  • By the end of 2017, OSS File Sync is mostly a finished discussion.

  • Noah’s Predictions:

  • IOT pisses me off more than in any year past

  • USB3 available on every laptop sold
  • A fall in macbook purchases
  • Chris mispronounces a project name
  • JB Moves to a internet based server arch
  • Intensive application such as audio/video avail on linux via cloud
  • Linux based self driving car as a service


Runs Linux

Smart Watch RUNS LINUX
  • Here’s the sad thing; on my laptop, I still am running the bloated, legacy X11 display server. I had to because I was involved in maintaining an X11 desktop environment. But Asteroid OS is 100% Wayland only. And it works like a charm:

Desktop App Pick

FSlint – Duplicate file finder for linux

FSlint is a utility to find and clean various forms of lint on a filesystem.
I.E. unwanted or problematic cruft in your files or file names.
For example, one form of lint it finds is duplicate files.
It has both GUI and command line modes.
For more info please see the FAQ.

  • Thunderbird replicates the new look and feel of Mozilla Firefox in an effort to provide a similar user experience across all Mozilla software desktop or mobile and all platforms.

  • Tabbed email lets you load emails in separate tabs so you can quickly jump between them. Tabs appear on the top of the menu bar providing a powerful visual experience and allowing the toolbars to be much more contextual.

  • Tabbed email lets you keep multiple emails open for easy reference. Double-clicking or hitting Enter on a mail message will open that message in a new tab.

  • When quitting Thunderbird, visible tabs will be saved and will be restored when you open Thunderbird the next time. There is also a Tab menu on the Tab toolbar to help you switch between tabs.


Commercial DAW VST Plugins on Linux

  • Unleash your creativity with this collection of inspiring, contemporary DSP effects. Compatible with all major DAW’s, your signature sound is no longer limited to a single host.

  • Introducing a collection of 16 contemporary FX plugins for use with any DAW. Utilizing the very latest algorithms and coding techniques, the plugins feature extraordinary sound quality in an extremely efficient package, allowing the plugins to be used liberally across a wide range of native computer systems. Empower your creativity with the DAW Essentials Collection.

— NEWS —

Canonical Clarifies Ubuntu Phone State: Nothing Really Until Snap-Based Image Ready

Pat shares that the Click-based Ubuntu Phone images are indeed on the way out, there will be no new Ubuntu Phone models until there is a “Snap image”, and they don’t plan to do an OTA-15 feature release. Canonical doesn’t plan to land any new features to the current stable PPA, but they will be providing security updates for important components.

Endless introduces Linux mini desktop PCs for American market

  • For the past few years Endless Computers has been making inexpensive Linux-based computers designed for use in emerging markets. Last summer the company also started working with PC makers to load its Endless OS software on some computers.

  • Now Endless is launching its first products designed specifically for the United States.
    The Endless Mission One and Mission Mini are small, low power computers that sell for $249 or less. They should both be available for pre-order starting January 16th.

  • Home | Endless Computers

KDE Neon Now Available as Docker Image

  • I’m announcing a beta of KDE neon on Docker. Docker containers are a lightweight way to create a virtual system running on top of your normal Linux install but with its own filesystem and other rules to stop it getting in the way of your OS. They are insanely popular now for server deployment but I think they work just as well for checking out desktop and other UI setups.

  • To give it a try first setup docker as you would for your distro. For Ubuntu distros that means running:

NVidia New ShieldTV

  • Nvidia’s Shield set-top streaming device got an update at this year’s CES, and it was a big one: The new hardware is 40 percent smaller than the original, with a new Android 7.0 Nougat-based operating system and a redesigned UI that groups games together and just generally organizes things a bit more logically. It also handles 4K HDR content streaming, and boasts the most sources available for such content of any set-top streaming device currently available.

Pornhub 2016 – Linux up by 3%

  • When it comes to porn, we usually ask if you’re more into ass or tits, though the increasingly more important question when it comes to porn consumption is Apple or Android? And Pornhub never misses a chance to report on the different behavior between different OS users. So looking back at 2016, we (of course) dug into the difference in traffic and tastes by operating systems. Let’s start with desktop. While Windows continues to dominate when it comes to which operating system users count on to watch Pornhub (about 80% of desktop users), Mac OS and Linux are on the rise, with Mac OS up 8% in traffic share and Linux up an impressive 14%.


Mail Bag
  • Name: frodo wiz
  • Subject: Solus Feedback

  • Message: I tried this out a few times throughout this year and was happy with it until i found out it will never support ZFS. solus os has some bells and whistles as far as steam goes. except for data integrity. simple question for Ike: Do you expect me to amass 500 gig of games over a cell phone connection and trust that data wont get bit rot with any other file system than ZFS? wanna re-download 10 of them over cell connection? i didn’t think so. ike has done a great job with solus os but it falls short if it leaves out ZFS. kinda like building a car by hand and equipping it with bicycle tires. you can still drive it on some roads maybe, under some circumstances. handicapped

ive been entrusting my data to a 2 TB ZFS mirror for 2 years now and i cringe thinking about anything else.when you dont have the time or resources, you use the best.

if solus had zfs, it would be a no-brainer, especially for a game machine.

  • Name: Jason
  • Subject: Getting into a Linux Career

  • Message:

I have been listening to several of the shows that Jupiter Broadcasting has, and religiously tune in to LAS and Linux Unplugged every week. You guys are doing a great job!

Would studying with Linux Academy and getting my RHCA and RHCE be enough to get into a job making a decent wage? I know there is the Catch 22 of certs are worthless without experience. However, but if I am correct, RHCA and RHCE are performance based exams. Wouldn’t that be enough to get your foot in the door?

I have taken several Linux, Windows and Cisco courses back in 2005, 2006, however I know a lot has changed since then.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for everything you guys do at Jupiter Broadcasting and I want to wish you all a belated Happy New Year!

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