We get a first hand take on how Linux & Open Source could be revolutionizing the backend of healthcare.

Plus a look at the ZeroPhone, Dell’s new Linux hardware, we ask you some questions & answer a few of yours.

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Runs Linux

The ZeroPhone, Runs Linux

It uses Raspbian Linux, which is currently based on Debian Jessie. This is because it can be tailored to suit our purpose very easily, and will still be /upgradable in the future – this project doesn’t need a separate distribution since that’s prone to obsolescence and is a maintenance nightmare (but I do plan on providing ready-to-go SD card images if the demand is there).

As for the user interface (controlling screen and buttons) – it’s written in Python. I’ll be using pyLCI as a base, but it’s clear for me it needs a rewrite to have all the capabilities a decent mobile phone UI should, and developing a good UI is one of the main goals of this project.

Desktop App Pick

Albert launcher

Access everything with virtually zero effort. Run applications, open files or their paths, open bookmarks in your browser, search the web, calculate things and a lot more. See wiki for more information.


Kanban Project Management Software

— NEWS —

Dell’s Latest Laptop is $100 Cheaper If You Buy It With Ubuntu

Dell’s Barton George says more Ubuntu-powered Precision workstations will go on sale in the coming months, worldwide, including an Ubuntu version of the company’s stylish newPrecision 5720 All-in-One desktop PC.

Ubuntu MATE 17.04 Progress

You won’t hear about this anywhere else, but it is likely that the version number for the next stable release of MATE Desktop will be _2.0._

Here is a PPA for Brisk Menu. This PPA is compatible with Ubuntu MATE 16.10 and Ubuntu MATE 17.04 daily images.


Chris Asks:
Mail Bag
  • Name: Wolf M
  • Subject: ArchAnywhere

  • Message:

Hey guys! So it has been awhile since I worte into you, but I have been watching religiously I promise! LOL. Anyhoo, I stumbled upon something I think is pretty cool and thought I would share it.

So I have been using Arch for a long time and it is my go to distro. I am sure noth of you know that the one of the biggest hurdles against trying Arch for many folks is lack of a HUI installer. Installuing Arch has typically always been done via comman line.

Introducing ArchAnyWhere! Ok so I found this by accident, but I had to try it. Fortunatley, I had an okd machine sitting around waiting for me to put Linux on it. So I did. This is impressive. Installation of Arch was seamless and fast.

And yes, this is pure Arch, not a derivative. This is simply a graphical installer.
Now I perrsonally will always prefer to install Arch via cli, but this shatters the old barrier, making it easy for “noobs” to give Arch a go. So I just wanted to share.

Always a huge fan,

Wolf Mandraagora

  • Name: James G
  • Subject: Getting more from ripped DVDs

  • Message:

I am in the process of trying to learn as much a I can about setting up content for Plex. A couple of subjects have not turned up much that is helpful in search.

  1. MakeMkv seems to drop many of the extra feature content. Are there options I can use to get makemkv to extract more of the content.

Is there anything that can extract the menu data from a DVD? This would be helpful for naming the extras content. I know I could play the DVD and make notes on the menu. I hope to find ways to do this faster.

Is there a way to either allow Plex to play an .iso or some other format that incorporates the DVD’s original menu?

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