Why coding everyday makes a big difference for Mike & Chris reflects on keeping momentum to prevent project rot.

Plus our first look at Java 9, hopes & fears of Web Assembly & more!

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— Show Notes: —

Feedback / Follow Up

  • Damnit Chris my lang has crypto too!
  • Damnit Mike PHP still sucks!
  • System76 Galago


ABC – Always Be Coding / Mike’s Theory

  • Code everyday
  • Lang / Platform doesn’t matter (much)
  • Try something new every few months
  • Try to be as idiomatic as possible
  • Selectively bring ideas / patterns from your experimental coding into your main stack
    • Example: maybe after writing some F# you’ll find a way to be more functional that is beneficial for your C#
  • Intentionally challenge your biases and preconceived notions
    • “Hate” Microsoft? Go write some C#
    • “Hate” Apple? Go write some Swift
  • Beware the Kool-Aide
  • Coding Katas


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