The Linux Action Show! Season 10 Episode 2

The Linux Action Show! Season 10 Episode 2

This week on, The Linux Action Show!

We rock your ears and eyes with so much awesome! Want to know what Mark Shuttleworth thinks about Windows 7, we’ll tell ya! What happened with TomTom and Microsoft’s ultimate smack down – WE GIVE YOU THE UPDATE! The Red Hat CEO shares his thoughts about the future of the Linux Desktop and we don’t think you’re gonna like it! And we give you a round up of the up coming Linux distribution releases and share our thoughts!

THEN – We chat with our in studio guest on how his company makes money off open source software, in Microsoft’s own backyard!


All This week, on The Linux Action Show!


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Ubuntu 9.04 Beta Screenshot Tour

openSUSE Moves to 8 month Fixed Release Schedule

Microsoft and TomTom settle Linux patent suit

Future of GNOME 3.0 Discussion

Video Tour of LinuxFest Northwest 2008

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