We celebrate Pi Day by loading Mycroft & Alexa onto a Raspberry Pi 3, look at the actual use cases for VR & AR under Linux today, flash back to Linux in the 90s & update on our favorite projects.

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Follow Up / Catch Up

MATE 1.18 released

The release is focused on completing the migration to GTK3+ and
adopting new technologies to replace some of deprecated components MATE
Desktop 1.16 still relied on.

Ubuntu Kylin is an official flavour of Ubuntu. It is a free PC operating system created for China and complies with the Chinese government procurement regulations. It includes all the features you’ve come to expect from Ubuntu, alongside essential Chinese software and apps. The interface has been designed specifically to put Chinese users first — and with support for touch screens and HiDPI monitors, it runs beautifully on all kinds of hardware.

Linux Academy

Syncthing Usage Reports

This is the total number of unique users with reporting enabled, per day. Area color represents the major version.

Valve have hired another developer to work on Linux graphics drivers

Yep, none other than Keith Packard, a well known name in the Linux community who worked on the X Window System. He previously worked for Intel, then HP and now he’s settling in at Valve to continue Linux development.

VR On Linux

React VR lets you build VR apps using only JavaScript.

WebVR — an experimental JavaScript API — seeks to address these limitations and open up development by providing interfaces to let developers build VR experiences in the browser. We spoke with Karanjai to learn more.

I was looking at space exploration apps and thought it would have been nice to have Celestia seen through VR.

Valve recommends using the issue tracker on the project’s GitHub page for reporting specific bugs, while general discussion and questions are handled on the Steam Community forum. In the long run, there is hope for significantly improved Linux support resulting from the recently-named OpenXR API, and industry-derived open standard for VR and AR from the Khronos Group, which aims to stem hardware and software fragmentation in as the industry continues to grow.


Using the linux-lts package definitely works, as I’ve been using it since running into the same incompatibility that you have. You just need to figure out your specific issues.


This Day in History (14-Mar-1994) – Linux 1.0.0 released

On 14 March 1994, Linux 1.0.0 was released. The Linux kernel has received contributions from nearly 12,000 programmers from more than 1,200 companies.


Picroft Meets Alexa

This week’s Challenge: Can Wes run Alexa and MyCroft on a Raspberry Pi 3?

More Fun with the Pi

MagicMirror² is an open source modular smart mirror platform. With a growing list of installable modules, the MagicMirror² allows you to convert your hallway or bathroom mirror into your personal assistant.

All you need are some simple pieces of hardware and that old landline phone that got shoved into the back of your closet years ago.

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