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Runs Linux

The credit card reader at gift shop uses Linux

Desktop App Pick


A basic scanning application that converts a document to a PDF file for archiving documents

— NEWS —

Major Upgrade to Wire

Calling has always been one of Wire’s most popular features. Today we’re happy to announce the rollout of a major upgrade to our calling protocol. It further improves the secure calling experience and takes a step forward for privacy.

This update means more successfully connected calls, even in challenging network conditions. Another iteration in a few weeks will significantly shorten the call setup time. When you call someone and they accept then you’ll be able to start talking almost instantly.

Telegram & WhatsApp Vulnerability

One of the most concerning revelations arising from the recent WikiLeaks publication is the possibility that government organizations can compromise WhatsApp, Telegram and other end-to-end encrypted chat applications. While this has yet to be proven, many end-users are concerned as WhatsApp and Telegram use end-to-end encryption to guarantee user privacy. This encryption is designed to ensure that only the people communicating can read the messages and nobody else in between.

BeagleBone Blue: A Linux Robot Computer

BeagleBone® Blue is a complete, Linux-enabled robotics computer. Community-supported and fully open-source, the real-time performance, flexible networking and rich set of robotics-oriented peripherals make building mobile robots quick and affordable.

Smartwatch OS

The news comes via an interview with Swatch CEO Nick Hayek, who stated, “there’s a possibility for wearables to develop as a consumer product, but you have to miniaturize and have an independent operating system.” The statement comes on the heel of Tag Heuer’s unveiling of a new super high-end modular timepiece.


Mail Bag

Future Show Direction

  • Name: Shannon S
  • Subject: Just some love

  • Message:

Hey there Chris and Noah. I wanted to reach out to you and show some support and thanks for the time, energy, and money that you put into the research, production and high quality of your show.

My fiance Christopher has been listening for a few years now. He loves what you do, and so do I! As my fiance has become more knowledgeable and more passionate about Linux, security, etc, he has so few people in our real world social network to chat about it with. He can’t dig in deep and dork out over it without eyes glazing over. You guys have been guides and friends as he has worked on moving his career path towards tech.

it’s tough to feel the support of your viewers, especially when they become complacent with sharing on social media. Just know there is tons of love for you guys coming from over in Vermont (though not with social media shares, guilty as charged).

Also, I’ve always appreciated the time you have spent talking about women in tech and women using linux. I’ve got ubuntu gnome onto my laptop and I’ve become a much more knowledgeable and confident with my computer knowledge thanks to you both. This is coming from a very grudging tech user.

We also love love love Unfilter, and we both think the intro is fine as is

  • Name: Aaron R
  • Subject: Firewall with Reverse Proxy

  • Message:

Hey guys, I’m looking for a good open source firewall and reverse proxy that has a nice webUI that I can quickly configure and monitor from. I use cisco ASA’s and nginx combo normally but for the house and $ it doesn’t make sense. i have a limited number of external IP’s as you probably already know. I’ve now got a home setup that I’d like to start hosting some things on. I’m demoing cacheguard and it’s nice but only free for 5 users. Thanks! any help much

Noah’s Reccomendation

Protect your business network from viruses, malware and other threats using the UTM (Unified Threat Management) platform with the best usability in the industry. The Endian UTM appliance provides total network security including web and email filtering, VPN, intrusion prevention, bandwidth management and much more.

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