Caught in the Crossfire | STOked 92

Caught in the Crossfire | STOked 92

We’ve packed together the latest leaks and news about upcoming features, including details of the impending Borg Invasion, a KDF Flagship, and the Rhode Island class starship. All of this, PLUS a bonus helping of “Daniel Stahl SAYS STUFF” in this week’s news feed!

After that, we’ll share the results of our Starfleet Academy feature poll from last week, and lay out a whole new Community Feedback question for you all to make your voices heard!

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Show Notes:


Massive Star Trek DVD Sweepstakes on Facebook

TNG on Blu-ray Coming In 2012

Borg Invasion Teases:
* STOwiki has been gathering info
* Contact dialog popup leaked into recent patch
* 5x skill point rewards?!

The Foundry makes a TRIUMPHANT return!
and then went away again, until Monday (so they could look at the collected data)

Tribble Test Reward is LIVE

Info on CapnLogan’s “free time” work on this project

Another compilation shot of the Odyssey Class (EntF)

Rhode Island Class vessel coming soon
* Decoy + Cloak power (Console? Type?)
* d’Stahl@dstahl: The RI power allows you to create an exact holo copy of your ship while you go stealthy and slink away. Any ship that was targeting you now targets decoy

Daniel Stahl SAYS STUFF

Stahl on Trek Radio
* Confirmed that Cryptic wants to split Ground and Space skills (no timeline)
* Acknowledges the current content drought, and plans to change that soon, and permanently
* SFA: Trivia daily coming, which will possibly reward doffs

He popped online and held an impromptu Q&A
* A replica Defiant interior is in the works for an episode in the next series – it is possible that will become available
* i’m trying to get CBS approval to expand on some story points in Shatner’s “The Return” novel..
* there is a new King of the HIll pvp map coming in next feature episode series


Next Feature Requested for Starfleet Academy:

  • Testing Builds : 31.75%
  • Mission Replay Upgrade : 29.63%
  • Firing Range : 19.05%
  • Trek Trivia Quiz Game : 11.77%
  • PvP Arena “Dodge Ball” : 7.4%

StormyMaverick (and MANY others):
The NUMBER one thing I’d like to see at Starfleet Academy is THE KOBAYASHI MARU!

My idea would be for a mini-game. First you need to gain a Universal Cadet, perhaps through missions or recruitment assignments. You then ‘sponsor’ them for Starfleet Academy, much like Sisko did for Nog. Throughout their training, you use the mini-game to advise them (like a mentor) what to study for their upcoming tests.

I would like to see SFA In a weekly Series, Like Paradise Lost, where the Changelings Infltrate Earth, But start Wuth the SFA.

New question:

Tell us your top “newbie” tip!

  • Something not covered by the tutorial
  • Tribal knowledge
  • I wish I knew then, what I know now

Leave your submission on our SHOW PAGE (where you are reading these show notes!)

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