Rusty Hearts | MMOrgue 12

Rusty Hearts | MMOrgue 12

As convention season rolls on, we’ve begun gearing up for GamesCom and PAX Prime. NCSoft and ArenaNet have started their hype engines in anticipation, and we’ve got information and opinions to share with you regarding their announcements.

The heart of today’s episode will be a hands-on first-impression gameplay extravaganza, of Perfect World Entertainment’s new side-scroller action RPG, Rusty Hearts. The game recently entered Closed Beta, and I’ve got gameplay and info to show you whether or not it’s worth your gaming time to get excited for the impending launch of this title.

Also, share your thoughts regarding the psuedo-MMO, League of Legends! Should the MMOrgue cover this wildly popular arena-style PvP game, or does it not have a place among discussion of the MMO industry?

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Show Notes:

T-Shirt of the Week:

“I am the Chosen One”

* I am the Chosen One – Baseball Jersey
* I am the Chosen One – Tee

Officially attending PAX Prime 2011

Aug 26-28
Maybe we can meet up?
+ Watch my Twitter (@JBJeremy) and Jupiter Colony for more info on that, but definitely let me know if you’re planning to attend.
+ This might also mean no official episode the week following, but I’m hoping to roll out mini-episodes filled with footage from the floor, interviews, and anything else I can shove my camera in front of.
+ More scheduling information on that will be announced in a future episode, as we draw closer to the convention.

Before we move on to today’s main editorials, I’d like to request your feedback on the topic of…

League of Legends

Are you interested? A current player?
I’m considering a future episode about the title due to some recent news coverage, to discuss the psuedo-MMO nature of this online arena game, but would like to hear thoughts from the community before I move forward with the planning and research.

Recent LoL news that’s caught my eye:

Ten LoL matches are created each SECOND (3.7 mil hours a day in-game)
LoL boasts 15million registered accounts

If you have any opinions to share on the matter, please head to our show page and post a reply at the bottom of that page.

NCSoft – new developments…

NCSoft announcing new MMO title at Gamescom

Announcement from developer = Carbine Studios
+ “…games that can adapt to you instead of the other way ‘round.”
+ While the game will be unveiled at Gamescom, they will also be at PAX where I’ll try and drag out more information, if they’re really innovating the MMO market.

MMOCrunch researches recent trademark registrations … but it’s just names, no details
* Influx
* Blighted Empire (rumored to have something to do with Guild Wars)
* Wildstar

The artwork on Carbine’s site gives the game world a decidedly fantasy flair, but also with what COULD be steampunk elements.

NCSoft obtains a controlling interest in smart phone app company, Hotdog Studios
(makers of mobile action RPG, Dark Shrine)
+ As an article on Massively points out, NCSoft has been very cautious about moving into the mobile gaming space so far, so this move came as something of a surprise.
+ May have something to do with the intention to develop an online mobile presence for Guild Wars 2…

Rusty Hearts – First Impressions

Official Homepage and Beta Signups

A side-scroller-ish hack & slash adventure grind, reminiscent of older console games like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage. But with the addition of persistent character advancement in the forms of skill and gear progression.

  • Gender-locked classes (cut scenes, story a focal point)
  • Camera-locked scroller experience
  • Repetitive grinding
  • Unique controls with a strange learning curve
  • Best on a controller, but UI doesn’t feel like a console port
  • Cash shop (items obtainable in-game via crafting, mostly)
  • STAMINA system limiting grind of dungeons (doesn’t eliminate ability to play, just lessens rewards)

So far, I get the impression that the gameplay is not deep enough to satisfy the average gamer, but may interest anyone that would enjoy an anime-take on a Castlevania-like story. And with its low-low pricetag (free), maybe a weekend jaunt would be in order to find out whether or not this unique multiplayer experience is up your alley.

Rusty Hearts is still in Closed Beta, but more invites are being sent out on a fairly regular basis. Keep your eyes on Perfect World Entertainment’s website to find out more about Open Beta, and the eventual launch.

Tease of the Week

Guild Wars 2 PvP and Customization Coming at GamesCom
Since these same demos are likely to be available at PAX, I may hold off on reporting until I’ve gotten a load of them myself.

Unless something BIG happens in the MMO world, next week’s episode will be dedicated to the Best of MMO music, using many of the suggestions sent in by you guys.

Question? Comments? Contact us here!