Rhode Island Q&A | STOked 93

Rhode Island Q&A | STOked 93

Star Trek Online’s lead designer, Al Rivera, joins us to chat about the new Rhode Island variant, STO’s latest Tier 2 science starship! In another segment of “Rumor Busting” he also lays down long-term plans on bringing more and more starships to the game, new special abilities, and so much more behind-the-scenes info.

Then the Foundry Files team returns to report on their latest player created adventure, and we cover the community’s STO beginner tips and collection of “tribal knowledge” that all captains must know.

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Rhode Island Variant lands on TribblePatch Notes
Info Thread from Jupiter Force
STOWiki – Console Details

Rumor Busting with Al “CaptainGeko” Rivera:

  • Is there a canon reference that this ability is based on? (Picard maneuver? TNG – Peak Performance? Voyager – Basics?)
  • How good is the cloak?
  • Can the decoy be destroyed? How resilient is it? It does damage, right?
  • What does “Aggression Stealth” mean?
  • What’s the C-Store cost? Bought with emblems?
  • Is the current Boff setup finalized?
  • Any chance of a T5 version?
  • KDF equivalent?
  • The tooltip for the console lists like 2 dozen skills that affect it… are there any that affect it more than others?

Star Trek Convention in Vegas – Aug 11 – Aug 14
* Gozer, Zero, Thomas and JHeinig, hosted by Priority One
* Twitter-based contests for prizes, including autographed versions of Ent-F poster

Cryptic is Hiring again!LINK
Only one position specifically calls for “Star Trek knowledge” – Systems Designer

Suricata’s Ship Chart has been updated!

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  • Mission: “First Cause, Then Effect”
  • Author: RogueEnterprise
  • Total Plays: 3749
  • Total Star Rating: 4.26

* Intended for SOLO play *


Story: 7.57
Technical: 6.40
Gameplay: 7.20
TOTAL: 7.13

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Bobdoesthejob Wrote:

  • Disable Kit visuals so you can strut your hot stuff

Hevach Wrote:

  • Mission Replay and other ship interior functions, great way to get missing parts of a reward set!

OggOfSkish Wrote:

  • When you run a scan (by pressing the V Key)


  • You need to go through 11 grades of spent skill points to get promoted to the next rank. So many people see their 9th

hatchery Wrote:

  • … there’s actually an auto-fire option?
  • … you can buy schematics for crafting?
  • … you can replay some missions to get new level appropriate rewards?
  • … accepting a map transition to a team mate’s bridge will put you alone in their bridge with your BOFFs?
  • … you can share most missions with team mates?
  • … you can breed tribbles?
  • … you can have high-end skills trained to your BOFFs by other players?
  • … you can display trophies in your ship’s interior?
  • … the cooldown timer on repeatable missions will start to count down at the time of accpeting the mission?
  • … you can win the bat’leth contest on Forcas III?
  • … release notes contain important information?

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