In A Perfect World | STOked 94

In A Perfect World | STOked 94

Perfect World’s purchase of Cryptic is complete, but what does that mean? We dig into this major topic, and break down this month’s Ask Cryptic.

Plus our thoughts on one of the biggest challenges currently facing the game, and why now has to be the time these issues are addressed!

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Show Notes:


First, it’ll be a compact episode this week, sorry!

We had planned to have another “Foundry Files” segment for you to chew on, but the Foundry has been eating missions and causing a LOT of crash issues, so it’s been taken offline. Until it’s stable again, our team can’t deliver the goods!

Perfect World Acquisition is FINALIZED!

Ask Cryptic – August Edition

  • Dates (Sept/October before we see anything new)

    • Additional comment from Dan re: timelines, delays: “… we are absolutely learning from the code merge that was Season 4 and I’m being very vocal about how much it has cost STO and how we can avoid it in the future.”
    • Aug 25th and Sept 22nd – next “big” release dates.
  • T2 Nova / Pay-to-Win (Not seen as an issue by Cryptic… but totally is!)

  • Acquiring the Ent F = Mission Reward for completing “a Fleet Action series”
  • Space skill update coming in September, will combine T5 stupidity.
  • Custom kits confirmed! (Late S4, or Early S5)
  • Cross Faction STFs coming in September! (big boon to the underpopulated KDF side)


  • Per the Ask Cryptic… This ‘unified currency’ may be implemented as early as September.

Massively hands out some solid info on the upcoming Borg events

  • Persistent ground combat areas, with weekly missions (Orion or Gorn homeworlds?)
  • Stage 3 is the STF Revamp releases.
    • This will include new STF queues, including cross-faction teaming.
  • Stage 4 = Into The Hive

Updated Defiant – QUAD CANNONS

Action Shot #1 // Action Shot #2

Not to be outdone… the KDF gets the same!

Action Shot!

Stahl hints at some sort of “Marines” uniform coming with the Borg invasion

TrekCon edition of TWEET LEAKS

(which just goes to show, what happens in Vegas, ends up on the internet)

Dstahl responds to Foundry outage with REAL INFO

Reminder Q Weekend 20th-21st – XP NOMNOMS!

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