This week, we sell your private browsing history to the highest bidder! Oh wait, that’s your ISP! We cover the latest rollback of internet privacy regulations in the US, plus the surprisingly uplifting story of script kiddies getting their day in court, Dan does a not-so-deep dive into ZFS & explains why you should already be using it.

Plus it’s your feedback, a huge roundup & so much more!

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Internet privacy

Alleged vDOS Owners Poised to Stand Trial

  • Police in Israel are recommending that the state attorney’s office indict and prosecute two 18-year-olds suspected of operating vDOS, until recently the most popular attack service for knocking Web sites offline.

  • On Sept. 8, 2016, KrebsOnSecurity published a story about the hacking of vDOS, a service that attracted tens of thousands of paying customers and facilitated countless distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks over the four year period it was in business. That story named two young Israelis — Yarden Bidani and Itay Huri — as the likely owners and operators of vDOS, and within hours of its publication the two were arrested by Israeli police, placed on house arrest for 10 days, and forbidden from using the Internet for a month.

  • According to a story published Sunday by Israeli news outlet, the government of Sweden also is urging Israeli prosecutors to pursue formal charges.

  • Law enforcement officials both in the United States and abroad say stresser services enable illegal activity, and they’ve recently begun arresting both owners and users of these services.

ZFS is what you want, even though you may not know – Dan talks about why he likes ZFS

  • The following is an ugly generalization and must not be read in isolation
  • Listen to the podcast for the following to make sense
  • Makes sysadmin life easier
  • treats the disks as a bucket source for filesystem
  • different file system attributes for different purposes, all on the same set of disks
  • Interesting things you didn’t know you could do with ZFS


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