We start this week covering the latest news about Red Hat’s record profits, some new changes coming video editing & audio sampling under linux & Apple releasing their new APFS file system. Then Noah reveals the real reason behind LAS ending, we cover your feedback & much more!

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The real reason LAS is ending

  • Noah reveals the real reason LAS is ending, discussing the details with Allan.
  • Allan has been helping Noah for months.
  • Allan has been helping Noah for months.
  • Noah is switching from Telegram to Threema
  • Plus another major switch!


Runs Linux

Desktop App Pick

— NEWS —

Open Shot 2.3 Released

  • new transform tool (make pictures bounce/scale etc – real-time transformations in preview window )
  • razor tool (back from version 1.4.3) quickly cut clips or transitions
  • better zoom (in and out of timeline – centers on mouse position)
  • improved title editor (grid of thumbnails to make finding the correct title easier)
  • better animated titles (type, pick color, refresh)
  • new preview window (dedicated video player – multiple video preview windows at the same time, renders audiofiles a waveform by default)
  • huge update (esp real-time preview performance – fewer freezes, hangs, frame detection)
  • new user guide using sphynx documentation
  • better audio
  • improved export dialog, new windows build server (the development system died), gitHub bug management
  • his kids put together a cat video

Steinberg Brings VSTs to Linux

  • VST plug in
  • 3.6.7 version of their plug-in SKD for Linux (in addition to other OS)
  • nice for developers and end users
  • more native plug-ins for linux
  • cmake support
  • VST3 SDK on GitHub
  • GPL v3 license is now alongside the proprietary license (necessary for some open projects)

RedHat Profit Highest since 2015

  • shares climbed 6% on Tuesday – best day since March 2015

  • surpassed 30 day average trading volume of 1.83 million shares on Tuesday — with more than 1.89 million shares changing hands before noon

  • Revenue: $629 million vs $619 million expected (Fourth Quarter 2017)

  • The company’s subscription revenue, which accounted for 89 percent of total revenue for the quarter, was at $560 million, or up 17 percent from one year ago Red Hat said. It crossed $2 billion in annual subscription revenue for the first time this fiscal year.

  • first-ever deal of approximately $100 million in the fourth quarter

  • As of Monday’s close, shares of Red Hat were up more than 17 percent for the year and up more than 12 percent over the past 12 months.

  • Shares closed at $82.20 Monday and were trading above $86 per share after hours, on the heels of the company’s upbeat fourth-quarter earnings report.

Apple’s new FIle System


Mail Bag
  • Name: Jonathan G
  • Subject: LAS Feedback

  • Message:

I just started watching LAS starting in January, and last week I overheard co-workers talking about Linux and I had to jump in and tell them about LAS. Was behind on my podcast watching but just finished 462. Sad to see this chapter ending but happy to see what you both will bring to us next. One thing that would love to see in Ask Noah or maybe in a monthly’ish podcast: do picks and dist reviews when the make scene. Do your top 5-10 app pick and what new dist came out. I really like those, but some times the picks and dist felt like you were forcing it too much. I have enjoyed LAS and really hope to more from Jupiter broadcasting.

  • Name: Efrain C
  • Subject: LAS – More than just Linux
  • Message:

hey Chris i’m writing this to you to say thank you so much for LAS.around 2010 i got hurt on my job and was home with nothing to do,sad having depression on top of that. it was very hard time for me.but i thought i try something new and watch a watch called Las on youtube.And thanks to you and Angela’s (fauxshow).i was able to deal with it and survive.i know this is not a linux question,but i thought you should hear this.linux not just a OS it can be so much more.i’m not a big linux user i’m still a bit of a noob .but i do like it.i use it every day.and i do try to switch people to it.and ohh Noah love you dude your one hell of a smart ass don’t stop doing what you do,guys like me who are not big on linux still care to know something about it,so i can’t wait to see ask Noah.and learn.sorry if this was to long,i just wanted to say thank you and i love you guys.

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