Is Dell’s new hardware a sign of serious commitment to Linux or a large company’s hedge against market changes? We go inside Dell, get exclusive access to the teams & people behind many of Dell’s products that run Linux & find out.

Plus we discuss Ubuntu dropping Unity for Gnome, Lightworks’ latest release & more!

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Runs Linux

The Briggo Coffee Robot, Runs Linux

View the beast on

The stories center on an Austin, Texas-based startup called Briggo, which has created a fully automated, one-stop coffee kiosk that churns out what it believes is a superior cup of joe. You can order and pay by smartphone, customize the brewing process to your precise specifications, and schedule it to be ready for pickup the minute you arrive. And it really doesn’t care if you say “venti” instead of “large.”

Desktop App Pick

Gydl (Graphical Youtube-dl) is a GUI wrapper around the already existing youtube-dl program.

— NEWS —

Ubuntu’s Drops Unity for Gnome

We will continue to produce the most usable open source desktop in the world, to maintain the existing LTS releases, to work with our commercial partners to distribute that desktop, to support our corporate customers who rely on it, and to delight the millions of IoT and cloud developers who innovate on top of it.

Our efforts were seen fragmentation not innovation. And industry has not rallied to the possibility, instead taking a ‘better the devil you know’ approach to those form factors, or investing in home-grown platforms.

We will shift our default Ubuntu desktop back to GNOME for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

am personally happy to see this convergence of efforts happening because I have for a long time felt that the general level of investment in the Linux desktop has not been great enough to justify the plethora of Linux desktops out there, so by now having reached a position where Canonical, Endless, Red Hat and Suse again share one desktop technology stack

Canonical Elimniating Jobs

Reportedly 30 to 60% of staff could be let go depending upon what comes of these outside investments. But the headcounts are going up in areas of security, cloud, and other money-making enterprise efforts.

In the best-case scenario, The Reg understands, departments would suffer a 30 per cent headcount reduction but in the worst it was 60 per cent. It’s not clear how many staff have gone, but Canonical is believed to have a workforce of 700.

  • Drop MIR/Unity for Wayland/Gnome (351 weight)
  • Release/GA Unity 8 (15 weight)
  • Easily, the most heavily requested, major change in this thread was for Ubuntu to drop MIR/Unity in favor of Wayland/Gnome. And that’s exactly what Mark Shuttleworth announced in an Ubuntu Insights post here today. There were a healthy handful of Unity 8 fans, calling for its GA, and more than a few HackerNews comments lamenting the end of Unity in this thread.

Welcome to Gnome and Wayland

Unity will Continue as a Fork

Lightworks 14 Released

Like a sequel to the Expendables, Lightworks 14.0 is packed to the rafters with cameos from features you always knew were there, but had sort of forgotten all about.

Part of the ‘old dog, new tricks‘ vibe is thanks to the top-to-toe redesign the non-linear editor is sporting. Lightworks’ new look (called “Fixed”, funnily enough) addresses the software’s most oft cited criticism: that it’s hard to use. Thew new layout aims to offer a “more organised” workspace, and help you discover, learn, and use the editor’s various features.

Light works supports Ubuntu 16.10 or later — sorry LTS users. You won’t be able to export to MP4 or MOV; you can’t import WMV; and there’s no FX plugin-support.


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