We didn’t go all the way to Texas for just one episode, it’s a very special edition this week. We wanted to share some of the great stories, Linux memories & impressive hardware.

Plus the unexpected change behind the scenes that Linux is pushing at Dell!

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Barton’s Blog | To the clouds and beyond…

Four and a half years ago a scrappy skunk works project by the name of “Project Sputnik” was kicked off at Dell to gauge interest in a developer-focused laptop. The project received an amazing amount of interest and support from the community and as result, nine months later this project became an official product — the ultra-mobile XPS 13 developer edition.

Avid father of 3. Founder & lead Project Sputnik (dev systems). Office of the CTO at Dell focusing on DevOps & Open Source. These insightful opinions are my own

Part of Project Sputnik, these systems began as an open-ended exploratory project to identify what you — developers — demand in an ideal laptop. With your input, Project Sputnik became an official product and continues to evolve.

In addition to our 6th generation Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition, we are introducing the next generation of the four systems that make up our Dell Precision Ubuntu-based line as well as added a new All-in-One offering. Additionally be sure to also check our portfolio of fixed Precision workstations (tower and rack) that are also available with Ubuntu.

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