Community efforts to port Unity 8 or recreate the Unity 7 desktop are popping up all over & one of them is showing some real promise. Plus why Ubuntu Gnome left us feeling a little underwhelmed.

Then, Solus has a Gnome edition now. Ikey stops by to tell us about it & other new things coming out from the project.

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Follow Up / Catch Up

Enjade Desktop

The Enjade desktop environment is a community project to recreate and continue the Unity desktop environment. From the versatile Dash down to the global menu, Enjade promises to provide the familiar experience Ubuntu users love while adding new features to keep it up with the latest trends.

Have you used Sublime Text’s or Atom’s “Command Palette”? It’s a list of everything those editors can do that opens at the press of a key and finds the action you are looking for just by typing a few letters. It’s raw power at your fingertips.

Ubuntu-based All-in-One joins the brawn brothers

Today we are happy to announce, that the Dell Precision 5720, a 27″ All-in-One workstation class machine is available for purchase. The system can be ordered preloaded with either Ubuntu 16.04, RHEL 7.3 or Windows 10.

Projects that got our attention this week

Distributed search engines using BitTorrent and SQLite

Audio Shop is a simple script
that I cobbled together that gets you started with mangling image data as
if it was audio data.

Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command

This is a little dashboard that tries to take care of you when you’re using your terminal.
It tells you cute, self care things, and tries not to stress you out.

All Good Things T-Shirt

The time has come. Linux Action Show is ending and we want to celebrate its 11 years of Linux content with this bearded and dated LAS logo. We thank everyone for your support and hope you will continue to watch Jupiter Broadcasting for the exciting future.

Linux Academy

Introducing Moby Project: a new open-source project to advance the software containerization movement – Docker Blog

The Moby Project is a new open-source project to advance the software containerization movement and help the ecosystem take containers mainstream.

It provides a library of components, a framework for assembling them into custom container-based systems and a place for all container enthusiasts to experiment and exchange ideas.

FreeNAS Corral Canned Development

FreeNAS Corral launched about a month ago. Since then, Jordan Hubbard the lead on the project departed the company. It seems like that vacuum has had some consequence. The FreeNAS team after over a year of development on FreeNAS Corral decided to essentially call it quits on the new release.


Ubuntu 17.04

Ubuntu Gnome – no longer separate flavor

The development teams from both Ubuntu GNOME and Ubuntu Desktop will be merging resources and focusing on a single combined release, that provides the best of both GNOME and Ubuntu. We are currently liaising with the Canonical teams on how this will work out and more details will be announced in due course as we work out the specifics.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will ship GNOME (including GNOME Shell) with ‘minimal Ubuntu customization’, rendering the community suggestions for refreshed designs, theming, and extension bundling are potentially moot.

Ubuntu 17.04 will be supported for 9 months until January 2018. If you need Long Term Support, it is recommended you use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS instead.

Ubuntu 17.04 Available to Download Now, This is What’s New

This is no normal release of Ubuntu. It’s potentially the last version of the distribution that will come with the Unity 7 desktop by default. That’s not a certainty, of course, but we know that Ubuntu will switch to GNOME for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS next year. It’s reasonable to expect developers to want to kick a few tyres on that switch ahead of time, in the next interim release.

Ubuntu MATE 17.04 | Ubuntu MATE

We’re totally over the bloody moon to announce Ubuntu MATE 17.04.
This is our favourite release of Ubuntu MATE so far and, we believe, a
real return to form. Ubuntu MATE 16.10 was a transitional release, in
every sense, and 17.04 concludes the upheaval of migrating to GTK3+.
This has been a release focused on refining the distro and sweating the
details. As always, we’re never finished and eager to start work on
17.10 to bring you futher improvements and refinement. But for now, we
hope you enjoy Ubuntu MATE 17.04 as much as we’ve enjoyed making it
for you.

Do you love using GNOME Shell Extensions on your desktop, but don’t love having to manually install them each time you reinstall or switch machine?


Solus Releases ISO Snapshot 2017.04.18.0 | Solus

We’re proud to announce our second ISO snapshot, 2017.04.18.0, across our Budgie and MATE editions, as well as our new GNOME edition!

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