We’ve got the latest gossip on Apple’s brand new filesystem & why you should care! Plus Dan dives deep into the wonderful world of ZFS and FreeBSD jails & shows us how he is putting them to use in his latest server build.

Plus it’s your fantastic feedback, a riotous roundup & so much more!

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Show Notes:

Apple’s New File System: Who Cares?

ZFS, jails, FreeBSD

  • FreeBSD Jails

  • Origins of FreeBSD Jail and why imperfect virtualization is good

  • Jails are like little virtual machines (jails) running on a bigger machine (the jail host)

  • From the jail host (often just referred to as the host), you can see into the jails, see everything that’s running, monitor, etc.

  • Stuff in the jail cannot see outside the jail and have no interactions with the host

  • You can configure the host so that the jail can access stuff on the host (e.g. a tape drive) but that requires explicit action by the sysadmin.

  • Simplified concept of a FreeBSD Jail: create a directory, install FreeBSD in there, chroot, done.


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