It’s a tale of woes & wins in a Linux laptop showdown, from $200 to $10,000 we report back on the limits of mobile productivity.

The human side of Unity’s death, the Linux kernel feature Chris has been waiting years for, picks, feedback & more!

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Laptop Wins and Woes


Runs Linux

Cloud-enabled WiFi router adds VPN and Dynamic DNS

The Debian Linux driven Roqos Core router is now available with a v.1.6 upgrade that adds Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Dynamic DNS features. With the VPN feature, users can make a secure VPN connection from anywhere in the world, says Virginia based Roqos.

Desktop App Pick

Counter Attack

CounterAttack is in a very playable state with lots of content but we aren’t done adding new stuff! There are also a few big changes we would like to finish before the full release including a UI redesign, 4 player local co-op, and the ability to mix local co-op with online play.

HiDPI-Steam-Skin: HiDPI skin for Steam client based on default skin

This is a simple skin for Steam that gives everything a slightly larger font size.

— NEWS —

Canonical sharpens post-Unity axe for 80-plus Ubuntu spinners

More than 80 workers at Ubuntu-maker Canonical are facing the chop as founder Mark Shuttleworth takes back the role of chief executive officer.

Ubuntu Budgie Released

Ubuntu Budgie v17.04 (zesty) Released: April 13th 2017

A significant portion of this development cycle has been spent integrating with the Canonical build-system. Key visible integration items were:

  • Plymouth customisations
  • utilizing the Ubiquity installer
  • reworking packages to remove the “budgie-remix” identities and replaced with the updated “Ubuntu Budgie” identity.

This is the Ubuntu 17.10 Release Date

Ubuntu 17.10, codename Artful Aardvark, be the first version of Ubuntu since 2011 to not ship with the Unity desktop by default. Instead, **Ubuntu 17.10 will use GNOME as the default desktop environment **(it’s probable that this could be GNOME 3.26, due for release in September).

The Ubuntu release that will be delivered in October 2017, designated 17.10.

BFQ I/O Scheduler Queued For Linux 4.12

BFQ has been used for a while now by some different Linux distributions that have opted to carry the patches. It’s seen a lot of work over the years while finally for Linux 4.12 it looks to be mainlined.

The BFQ scheduler has been queued in the Linux-Block For-Next tree meaning it should then be sent in for the upcoming Linux 4.12 merge window.

BFQ is a proportional-share storage-I/O scheduler that also supports hierarchical scheduling with a cgroups interface. Here are the main nice features of BFQ.

  • Low latency for interactive applications
  • Low latency for soft real-time applications
  • Higher speed for code-development tasks
  • High throughput
  • Strong fairness, bandwidth and delay guarantees


  • Name: Baggio K
  • Subject: Exceeding 26 Letter /dev/sd*
  • Message:

I am a BSD user, but my company uses LInux :(.
Attached the output of ll /dev/sd* for a Linux server with 57 /dev/sd*.

Kind Regards!

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