Stahl’s Brain | STOked 95

Stahl’s Brain | STOked 95

The August Engineering Report is only the tip of the iceberg as STO looks forward to a future of management under Perfect World Entertainment – a prospect that keeps looking better with each dev post on the subject.

Join us for a look at all the latest info straight from the mouth of Executive Producer, Daniel Stahl and the rest of the STO development team.

Then, we’ve got a brand new Community Feedback to throw at your face, all about Fleets!

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Show Notes:


Massively: Dev Q&A from STLV Convention

  • Over-the-shoulder icon to more clearly indicate Borg Adaptation in shooter mode
  • New ground set coming with STF revamps unlocks a new cosmetic look
  • They’ll also be split into Ground and Space sections to facilitate shorter timetables
  • When asked about more functionality in Social Zones, the topic of a new ground combat area was brought up in response (another hint at a Defera revamp?)
  • New borg loot drop tables will include all existing Valor and Emblem loots
  • When asked about Terradome, Gozer indicated it may not remain an STF in the future.
  • Also hinted that ALL missions (including STFs) would at some point become playable at all levels, and auto-scale to players’ levels.
  • Clarification posted by DStahl
  • There will still be a minimum, but you will not outlevel them.
  • Also does NOT refer to ALL missions.

August Engineering Report

  • Sounds like the cross-faction STF finder only works with Friends Lists (not open invites)
  • Combining Sector and Galaxy maps into a single, scalable map interface

Other than that, not much new in here, but Stahl makes up for that with a heaping helping of…


First, in a thread about the Rhode Island and future variants, he lays details on us about ships to come, and balance philosophies moving forward…

  • 16 new ships/variants coming, each with a new mechanic that adds tactical options.
  • The new “time-based” currency (Dilithium) will be earnable by all players, at all levels.
  • Existing badges/emblems will be translated into Dilithium.
  • It will soon be possible to trade Dilithium to other players, for C-Store points.
  • Worried other players won’t trade? There is an “enormous vault” of unspent points out there.
  • These economy changes are scheduled for Sept 22nd.

Then, he talks about the C-Store and budget concerns of the past…

  • Subscriptions are a steady and predictable budget to plan by, but if MTs become steady and predictable enough they can also be planned with.
  • Kind of similar to this show in a way… advertisers (when we have them) allow us to plan our expenses out far in advance, while DONATIONS allow us to expand and take risks or cover unexpected costs, when the funds are available.

And then tells us a bit about the future…

  • Despite the current forum grumbling, subscriptions are UP.
  • “So love it or hate it, we are where we are and I will continue to be frank and open about what is going on to ensure you are informed of where STO is headed.”

What is making STO’s future rosey? Perfect World of course!

  • “They (PW) are playing STO themselves and sending me lists of requests and I’m sending back “here’s how many people I needs”… so to answer you question…. STO is about to get more support than it has had in recent months.”
  • “Yes they care about Neverwinter and Champions Online as well, but there is no “everyone focus on Neverwinter”. It is more like everyone focus on your existing games and here’s more resources!”

We’re takin’ next week off!
It’s PAX Prime 2011, and we’re gonna be there in a BIG WAY.
Meet-up thread at Jupiter Colony


It’s time to put the focus back onto Fleets…

During the existing content lull, it has fallen to us players to make the game enjoyable on a regular recurring basis when there’s no new shiny toys to keep our attention on a regular basis. This responsibility frequently falls to community leaders, which in this game, are Fleets.

Our question for you: How do you keep your Fleet going strong?

As examples, we’d like to share with you some of the activities that Jupiter Force engages in on a regular basis. And I’d like to preface that we do not run or propose these activities, we’re only figureheads in the fleet, not leaders. So don’t think we’re just bragging here. If anything, we’re giving credit where it’s due to the folks that run this fleet so well.

1) Regularly scheduled events
The in-game calendar can take a little getting used-to, and getting your fleetmates to check it regularly can be a task unto itself. But enough encouragement and involvement can be a self-perpetuating cycle.
* Special themed PvP matches (pistols/melee only, shuttles/runabouts only, etc)
* STF timeslots for newbies, with pre-made teams of 3–4 experts.
* etc, etc.

2) Recognition of involvement
Whether you use a complex system of rank promotions, or handing out in-game loots, all fleet members will strive that much more to be a part of the community, if you give them a reason to try for it.
* JF has just implemented a system of Ribbons that can be added to forum posts, and are earned primarily via participation in Fleet Events.

So, what does YOUR fleet do? Or what would you LIKE to see your fleet do?

Question? Comments? Contact us here!