Canonical is going for the IPO & that means some big changes. In a recent interview Mark Shuttleworth gives us a hint at the new purpose of the Ubuntu desktop.

Plus Thunderbird’s future is uncertain, we get our hands on System76’s Galago Pro & more!

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Follow Up / Catch Up

Chuwi LapBook 12.3 is a 2K Ubuntu Laptop for $329

The standout feature is the 12.3-inch IPS display which has a 2K resolution (2736×1824) and 3:2 aspect ratio. I’ve never used Ubuntu (or any OS, for that matter) on HiDPI so I’m blissfully unaware to the current state of things!

mimipenguin: A tool to dump the login password from the current linux user

A tool to dump the login password from the current linux desktop user. Adapted from the idea behind the popular Windows tool mimikatz.

Thunderbird’s Future Home

The investigations on Thunderbird’s future home have concluded. The Mozilla Foundation has agreed to serve as the legal and fiscal home for the Thunderbird project, but Thunderbird will migrate off Mozilla Corporation infrastructure, separating the operational aspects of the project.

Linux Academy

Apricity OS

Like all good things, Apricity OS must come to an end. It has been our privilege to develop the operating system, and to be a part of a community as great as our own. But unfortunately, we no longer have time for its required upkeep.

Google’s “Fuchsia” smartphone OS dumps Linux, has a wild new UI | Ars Technica

Unlike Android and Chrome OS, Fuchsia is not based on Linux—it uses a new, Google-developed microkernel called “Magenta.”

CasterSoundboard: A soundboard for hot-keying and playing back sounds. (For podcasting)

Transitioning to LINUX Unplugged, wrapping up this Sub.

We’ve had a secret skunk-works project all long, and after years of careful crafting, organic sourcing, small batch thinking, and industrialized scaling potential, we are ready to unveil the next big thing in subreddits


Canonical starts IPO path | ZDNet

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth reveals the reason for recent changes with the powerhouse Ubuntu Linux company were to prepare it for an IPO.

Where we failed, and I feel responsible for miscalculating effectively, was our push into personal computing: phones, tablets, PCs.


Galago Pro – First Hands On

Take advantage of ports like USB-C with Thunderbolt, Ethernet, HDMI, and Mini DisplayPort… with an SD card slot for good measure. No dongles necessary!

Home sweet GNOME. It’s been a while but we’re excited to be back. We’ve been playing with our new toy the last few weeks. Our Slack channels were fiery fast but the geek debates have subsided. We’ve now gathered our thoughts and laid out our plan.


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