Turns out you’ve been doing passwords wrong, but don’t worry, we’ve got the latest and greatest guidance from NIST. Plus the latest numbers from BackBlaze with some interesting conclusions about enterprise drives.

Then the details about that google docs worm everyone’s talking about, some top tips to stay safe & so much more!

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Show Notes:

New password guidelines say everything we thought about passwords is wrong

  • No more periodic password changes

  • No more imposed password complexity

  • Mandatory validation of newly created passwords against a list of commonly-used, expected, or compromised passwords.

  • We recommend you use a password manager, use a different password on every login

  • Rainbow tables used to convert hashes to passwords

Enterprise hard disks are faster and use more power, but are they more reliable?

  • The enterprise disks also use more power: 9W idle and 10W operational, compared to 7.2W idle and 9W operational for comparable consumer disks.

  • If you have one or two spindles, that’s no big deal, but each Backblaze rack has 20 “storage pods” with 60 disks each. An extra 2.2kW for an idle rack is nothing to sniff at.

  • Other HGST models are also continuing to show impressive longevity, with three 4TB models and one 3TB model both boasting a sub-1 percent annualized failure rate.

Don’t trust OAuth: Why the “Google Docs” worm was so convincing

  • Access to all your mail

  • access to any of your google hangout chats

  • access to all your contacts

  • makes a good case for encryption/decryption at the client

  • OAuth


Round Up:

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