Daily Keyboard Regime | User Error 11

The Beard mixes us some mysterious drinks and we jump into solving problems, hiding Linux, experimenting with solar, the appeal of Tiny Homes, Plasma’s winning Wayland strategy & the deep corners of what motivates the Beard.

Warning: This episode is using our backup audio, which is fine.. Mostly. It’s all fine, we’re fine here, how are you?

+ (00:00:35) – Plasma desktop’s new focus, and its Wayland advantage.
+ (00:05:20) – Banned Linux Laptop. And our advice.
+ (00:17:47) – Beard Birthday Follow up.
+ (00:21:47) – Noah experiments with a Power Inverter.
+ (00:30:09) – Noah’s Lives off Solar for a few months, reports back.
+ (00:31:55) – What’s the difference between User Error, and LINUX Unplugged?
+ (00:33:15) – We ask Red Necks about sous vide steak, it goes badly.
+ (00:40:22) – “Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans” an expensive all you can eat.
+ (00:45:25) – Noah and Chris try to convince Beard to get a Tiny Home over a big house.
+ (00:59:00) – A friend recently discovers they accidentally mined some Bitcoin.
+ (01:02:06) – Could Bitcoin get to $10K and what the Beard is positive on.
+ (01:05:35) – Noah’s attempt to pep talk goes in a strange direction.
+ (01:16:52) – We go deep after a listener writes in.
+ (01:20:03) – The User Error method gets applied to Ask Noah.
+ (01:21:32) – The night the power went out in the hotel.

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