Ubuntu’s skunkworks project, Mir, might be back with a vengeance to save the Linux desktop. Or at least prove quite useful for MATE.

Plus one of the most well built Linux PC’s ever tested, the Dell Precision 5720 with Ubuntu gets tested in the lab.

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Follow Up / Catch Up

Intel Skylake/Kaby Lake processors: broken hyper-threading

TL;DR: unfixed Skylake and Kaby Lake processors could, in some situations, dangerously misbehave when hyper-threading is enabled. Disable hyper-threading immediately in BIOS/UEFI to work around the problem. Read this advisory for instructions about an Intel-provided fix.

Building Intel CPU Microcode Updates Directly into the Linux Kernel – DOTSLASHLINUX

To achieve our dream of booting the kernel without an initrd/initramfs we have to build our CPU’s microcode updates directly into the linux kernel (removing any need for an initrd/initramfs).

Mir Might Live on as a Wayland Compositor for the MATE Desktop – OMG! Ubuntu!

This week MATE developer Martin Wimpress has said that MATE Desktop​ developers are talking to Mir developers about how Mir might be reused as a Wayland compositor.

Wayland isn’t a display server in and of itself but a display server protocol that handles the communication between a compositor (like Mutter, Weston or KWin) and its clients.

Eternal Terminal

Eternal Terminal (ET) is a remote shell that automatically reconnects without interrupting the session. Learn how to install and use it here.


SAT AUG 19th – SUN AUG 20th 2017 – CANTERBURY, UK

vLUG BBQ – Jupiter Broadcasting Meetup

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digiKam 5.6 Professional Photo Management App Released with HTML Gallery Tool

digiKam 5.6 comes with a new HTML Gallery tool that lets quickly generate a web gallery from a set of albums or a selection of photos, which they can immediately upload online and show them to their friends and family. Another new tool is Video Slideshow, which lets you create a video slide from a bunch of photos or albums.

A $2 Million Prize to Decentralize the Web. Apply Today

Mozilla and the National Science Foundation are offering a $2 million prize for big ideas that decentralize the web. And we’re accepting applications starting today.


Dell Precision 5720 with Ubuntu Review

  • Intel Xeon E3-1275
  • Quad Core HT
  • 3.8Ghz, 4.2GHz Turbo
  • 8MB cache
  • Load up to three drives
Work loads/type
This machine feels almost purpose built for:
  • Editing / Managing Photos
  • Video consumption
  • 1080p video editing (4k limited by codecs)
  • Development work that never feels bogged down.

  • User Manual

Linux Academy

Thermals / Noise
  • Shockingly quiet, even under load.
  • Ran multiday benchmarks with very high ambient temperatures.
  • Very low fan noise.
The Sound System
  • Really great sound
  • Amazing for gaming
  • Great for editing
  • Does make crappy audio sound really bad. IE some YouTube videos.

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