TUXEDO Computers & System76 have announced their own Linux distributions, but both these new efforts betray a much larger issue. We’ll have that awkward conversation.

Plus OutlawCountry is getting a bunch of attention, BFQ scheduler finally gets its day, XDA Forum is going to give Phoronix some competition & some important info for Fedora users.

The an update from the recent SNAP sprint, community news & a lot more!

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Follow Up / Catch Up

WikiLeaks Exposes CIA Targeting Linux Users With OutlawCountry Network Traffic Re-Routing Tool

OutlawCountry starts out as a Linux kernel module (nf_table_6_64.ko) that gets loaded into the system and subsequently creates a new entry in the iptables firewall configuration. After the deed is done, the original kernel module is no longer needed, so it’s deleted.

Brewie – World’s first fully automated home-brewery

Brewie, as an automated brewing machine grants an easy, user-friendly interface. You can brew the craft beers of your liking without difficulty – either with creating your own recipe or choosing one from its vast database, only by pressing a few buttons.

Google Summer of Code 2017

GJS is a JavaScript binding for use within GNOME projects (and uses Mozilla SpiderMonkey for the JS engine), of which quite a few use it: gnome-documents, gnome-maps, gnome-shell, polari, sushi, to name a few. Whence it is a critical part of the infrastructure and must be a dependable and reliable tool. As with many C/C++ projects, it has suffered from the seemingly inevitable pointer misuse in the past, such as failing to free after use (resulting in memory leaks).

Linux Kernel 4.12 Released with BFQ, USB Type-C Manager, Much More – OMG! Ubuntu!

Among some of the many (many) new features, tweaks, changes and improvements in Linux 4.12:

  • Improvements to the F2FS (flash-friendly file system)
  • Initial support for GeForce GTX 1000 w/ Nouveau
  • Initial Radeon RX Vega support
  • Support for Intel RealSense SR300 camera, Razer Sabertooth & Mad Catz Brawlstick
  • USB Type-C port manager
  • Improved keyboard backlight support in Dell laptop driver
  • Support for the Intel volume button (intel-vbtn) driver
  • New ThinkPad T470 hotkey mappings
  • Sound driver fixes for Skylake, Atom SoCs
  • New sound drivers for various soundcards/chips

Among the additional ARM devices supported by Linux Kernel 4.12 is the Orange Pi PC2 we wrote about last year, the Rockchip RK3399 and RK3288, plus there’s more work on NVIDIA Tegra X2.

Running Steam in a systemd-nspawn Container

  • It’s fun playing with things Linux can do
  • To rid my host system of those irritating 32 bit libraries and have a pure 64 bit (host) system
  • To isolate proprietary software (Nvidia drivers aside) from the rest of the system
  • To prevent Steam and games from spewing clutter into /home


Reviews will largely focus on the Linux operating system and continue to have a developer focus in them.

Daniel Moran writer for XDA Developers

Editor @xdadevelopers – PC Hardware & topics beyond the devices themselves.

Meet the New ‘Software Boutique’ App That Will Ship in Ubuntu MATE 17.10 – OMG! Ubuntu!

Alongside Snap support the retooled repo front-end also benefits from the following improvements:

  • Improved queuing system
  • Curated collection of apps will be loaded from an external database
  • **Theming support **
  • Support translations per-app
  • Ability to search the archive and Snap store(s)
  • Community reviews & comments

The new version of Software Boutique alsodrops Ubuntu MATE branding and, says Wimpress, works as ‘a standalone application entirely decoupled [from] Ubuntu MATE Welcome’.

Use DNF rather than PackageKit on Fedora – Ctrl blog

PackageKit in Fedora isn’t great. It relies on the still in-development libdnf library which is a fairly new effort to port DNF from Python to C.


Tuxedo: manufacturer of Linux notebooks brings its own Xubuntu version

Technically, the Linux version is based on the kernel 4.1.1 and is based on Xubuntu 16.04. The new kernel is expected to significantly increase the battery life compared to Linux Mint 18.1, while InfinityBook Pro 13 will increase from six-and-a-half to twelve-and-a-half hours. The Xfce desktop is also much less memory.

TUXEDO Xubuntu

Linux Academy

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