Mike updates on spinning up his business in Florida, we debate limiting the use of the GPL & we try to better understand the recent System76 Pop!_OS news.

Plus the industry is going all in on AI & spending less and less on other types of research. Mike discusses the huge potential issue that could be facing developers down the road.

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Update on Mike’s Move

  • Jody wrote in asking :

I’d like to hear how you’re transitioning your software business to FL?

Mike’s Special Project in FL

If you’re near the Tampa / Plant City FL area are a student or recent grad looking to get into the development space, drop me a line. I am looking for some interns / entry level folks for a new venture in the bot space. I need developers, QA, and BizDev.

System 76 PopOS Conversation Cont.
Botched Sega Forever launch blighted by poor emulation

Sega’s performance issues stem from the use of a new emulator based in Unity. Older mobile versions of retro Sega games were either direct ports—as in the case of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic CD—or used a native emulator, instead of one passed through Unity.

Outside of AI, Companies are doing less Research and more Dev

RD for Developers

  • Is there value in trying purely speculative technologies?
  • What does a longshot really offer?
  • How do you balance the benefits of experimentation with the need for focus


Should one get punished for working more effectively than his co-workers?

Xamarin Contract work

I had terrible RSI

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