Wes sits down with Mike to talk about Starbucks not-so-secret API, the state of the developer ecosystem & difficult challenges faced by FOSS vendors in the medical field.

Plus some fantastic feedback, Mike’s true feelings about Swift & a whole lot more!

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— Show Notes: —

Hoopla & Feedback

Starbucks Should Really Open their API

Coder Listener Looking for Work

State of Dev Ecosystem 2017

Google Analytics is used to track users.

Google Analytics is used on the about:addons site while browsing not installed AddOns.

My life the last 3 years…

Open a Tube

Pick one, connect the rest!

Amazon may give app developers access to Alexa audio recordings – The Verge

The change would be aimed at enticing developers to continue investing in Alexa as a voice assistant platform, by giving those app makers more data that could help improve their software over time. Amazon’s goal, according to The Information, is to stay competitive with more recent entrants in the smart speaker market, like Apple and Google.

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