Selling Your Soul | User Error 18

Special guest Chase Nunes joins us to discuss heritage, new Linux user myths, selling your privacy, some Twitch insights & a Beard bombshell.

Plus we announce the winner of our Dell XPS 13 Sweepstakes!

+ (00:00:15) – Should we really cater to the linux noob?
+ (00:15:45) – Amazon Prime Day convinces chase to give away his DNA
+ (00:28:40) – Star trek is a constant in life
+ (00:36:22) – Chris discovers how good Discord is
+ (00:42:40) – ISPs pretend they love Net Neutrality, Verizon ‘tests’ throttling of videos
+ (00:51:52) – Chase’s fake twitch followers
+ (00:55:13) – Chris pitches chase on a new career
+ (01:05:13) – Chris wants to de-Google his life… Again.
+ (01:19:50) – You want more rikai? How about on video? He makes you a proposition.
+ (01:27:53) – Will the SNES classic have the classic Nintendo scarcity problems?

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