Careful Choices | User Error 19

Chris is kicking the Google Photos habit, Amazon wants into Medical, a NetRunner review & Noah’s excited about the return of Google Glass.

Plus the guys wax about a loved tool becoming abandoned, debate switching to Discord, do a little #AskError, life lessons we learned too late & more!

+ (00:00:14) – Could amazon medical be a good thing?
+ (00:07:23) – How to escape Google Photos
+ (00:15:54) – Chris reviews a distro suggested by a wise man
+ (00:32:28) – Noah can’t figure out how to spend his money fast enough
+ (00:46:00) – Who knew Gedit was so complicated!
+ (00:52:10) – The Discord debate
+ (01:11:51) – To tile or not to tile, that is the question.
+ (01:18:50) – The first #AskError
+ (01:32:42) – Life lessons learned too late

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