The Lesser Evil | User Error 20

Chase joins us again this week as we discuss why chase’ll have trouble ever using Apple products, the offline advantages of Apple’s Homekit, impressions of Maui Linux, an update on linux in the studio, the troubles Chase is having on twitch, How Soylent is going, another edition of Ask Error and the official Jupiter Colony Discord ‘beta’!

+ (00:00:06) – Apple HomeKit’s offline advantages
+ (00:17:14) – The advantages of iOS and Android
+ (00:24:10) – Nexus 6p troubles
+ (00:28:32) – The boys check out Maoi Linux
+ (00:34:00) – The Beard fixes the studio’s systems
+ (00:37:20) – Chase’s twitch woes
+ (00:42:08) – Soylent and starving
+ (00:47:08) – #AskError
+ (00:53:25) – Jupiter Colony Discord Beta

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