Mike busts the myth of the daily standup meeting & tracks it back to its origins. Then we play a little defense for Electron, share the mind of a PMO & wax on about TypeScript.

Plus a little taste of Mike’s busy week, an update on Alice & Chris’ upcoming trip.

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— Show Notes: —


TypeScript was designed with JavaScript in mind, and as a superset of JavaScript it accepts regular JavaScript syntax. It’s not an entirely new language, but a strictly-typed superset of JavaScript that compiles down to plain vanilla JavaScript. TypeScript introduces features such as static typing, data encapsulation through classes (in ES2015) as well as through interfaces, decorators, and private, public, and protected variables. It ultimately attempts to bring the advantages of strong typing commonly found in traditional object-oriented languages like Java to JavaScript.

Today’s Atom 1.19 release offers improved performance and responsiveness via major architectural updates and an upgrade to Electron 1.6.9.

Opponents of Electron say that “it’s too memory intensive.” Or, “It hogs the CPU.” Or even better yet, “It runs the entirety of the Google Chrome engine in every window.”

Stand Ups Revisited

PM Stack Overflow Conversation

  • What is the purpose of SU?
  • When does it work?
  • When doesn’t it?
  • Different for distributed teams?

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