Jackin’ it With my Bros | User Error 23

Future fan favorite guest John joins us to pontificate on Google Wifi, Linux extremism on our local streets and traveling the universe & leaving it all behind, especially your kids.

Plus we fall a rabbit hole of crazy CraigsList personals, share our maniacal business plans & more!

+ (00:00:25) – John is bribing us with cheap Red Bull to get on the show? We’re in!
+ (00:09:29) – #AskError. What’s expensive, but worth it? Would you go with aliens to explore the universe if you could never come back?
+ (00:14:20) – Is the eclipse worth the risking vampires?
+ (00:16:30) – #AskError: You’re given infinite business investment to do what you want, what do you do?
+ (00:23:20) – The studio before Jupiter Broadcasting
+ (00:31:53) – #AskError Answer: Gear is a quality knob
+ (00:35:55) – Comparing Eero & Google Weave
+ (00:47:13) – The Beard is angered by OS extremism.
+ (00:58:24) – Big Bing Theory, Eclipse Babies & Jackin’ It with your Bros!

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