Mike takes refuge from Irma to respond to audience feedback & share some thoughts on future plans.

Chris has some thoughts on hardware that will help you get more work done & neither of us are worrying about Bash on Windows.

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— Show Notes: —

Irma takes out Coder

Mike gets the Heck out of the Sunshine State



What Thunderbolt 3 Dock does Chris use?

Welcome to System76, a weekly talk show about this Linux vendor…

At least, that’s what it seemed like during Coder Radio episode 271. I think too much time is being spent talking about Linux in general and System76 in particular. Can we please get back to focusing on programming and development topics?

Don’t worry about bash for windows…

All I want is a no nonsense UNIX system, and bash for Windows is not that.

Automation for Developers

Freebie from Mike

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