One Way or Another | User Error 26

We take a big batch of #AskError questions & nearly lose our lunch, debate the fate of future technologies & get a recap of Chase’s trip to PAX West.

Plus the long journeys ahead of Chris and the Beard, a review of the Pure Nexus ROM & the big Ubuntu story no one is talking about.

+ (00:00:04) – Pure Nexus & the headphone jack
+ (00:18:39) – The viability of mining, the potential death of VR and PAX West.
+ (00:35:30) – Super Mario Bros is the best. Maybe.
+ (00:45:50) – Twitchcon usefulness & being successful on twitch
+ (00:54:40) – The Road to New York
+ (01:04:23) – #AskError: what would you make with the ultimate budget? Who are the safe brands for Linux security?
+ (01:19:04) – #AskError: What wouldn’t you do for 200 million dollars?

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