STO Free to Play | STOked 96

STO Free to Play | STOked 96

The free-to-play announcement leaked out this week, and we’re here to discuss the details that are available so far. We’ve got the original smoking gun, dev posts, and some tea leaves to read as well. Wouldn’t you know it… we take a week off for PAX and the whole world of STO goes topsy-turvy!

Then we’ll discuss the Borg DSE Red Alerts, a few quick Tweet Leaks, and then it’s time for another round of the Foundry Files!

It’s a great big show, so hold on tight!

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Show Notes:

Rumor Busting with Al

TOS Phaser Fiasco?

  • Solution: TOS Phasers are no longer unique, but are lower in quality than the leveled version you get from completing the Devidian series of missions.

New Ships on TRIBBLE:

  • Feds get a Galaxy variant – the Venture Class
    • Special Ability is an AOE Jam Sensors (short range), plus Confuse, and Perception debuff.
    • Console can only be equipped on Galaxy-type ships, but all tiers.
    • The power looks like the spread used in Best of Both Worlds, to “blind” the Borg to the shuttle containing Data and Worf, when they went over to the cube to rescue Picard.
    • The ship design actually was inspired by a design from Perpetual Entertainment
  • KDF gets a Vor’cha variant – [the Vor’Kang class]
    • Special Ability is a chain lightning attack that gets more powerful with each jump.
    • Console is universal, but only fits on a battle cruiser, carrier, or orion cruiser.

Feedback Threads:


STO goes F2P
Original “announcement” came as a bullet point during an investor meeting, from PWE’s CEO

Follow-up posts by Devs:

Details we know so far:


/Jeremy’s Thoughts/ –

  • Increase number of people at low levels
  • Churn / turnover could have a negative impact on the community if not watched closely
  • STO has one HUGE leg up on the rest of F2P games: The Foundry

/Chris’ Thoughts/ –

  • Could lower the barrier for existing Trek fans, that are not gamers.
  • Weeklies + Foundry = sure fire ticket to get freebies to upgrade to a full sub.
  • Helps those who get butt hurt over content drought’s coast out the dry times, and pop right back to monthly when the goods are there.

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/“STO Free to Play: Good or Bad?”/

Dan Stahl appears on “Computer Ed” talk show

  • He talks about Steam’s adoption of F2P
  • Digital distribution overcoming shelf space for PC gaming, but you have to eliminate the barrier for entry to entice people to download.
  • Content creation will SPEED UP, due to PWE (they know that CONTENT drives MTs)
  • PWE and Atari were already swapping MMO war stories as far back as a year ago
  • Some minor info about the “Core Team” and their work on the “Secret Project”

The BORG INVASION has begun!

  • join the “REDALERT” global chat channel
    • A little tiny bit dumb that there’s no in-game option to track them.
  • Tons of accolades! OMG
  • Jeremy doesn’t like the V’Ger tie-in. Booooooo.


A new Star Trek TV show being pitched?


“Time the Enemy” by Havraha


How do you keep your fleet strong?

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