A game changing project for Linux multimedia has been officially announced today, so we chat with the brilliance behind PipeWire, Wim Taymans.

Plus community news of the week & why the rapid decline of the “open source media” matters more than ever.

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Follow Up / Catch Up

Tor is released, with support for next-gen onion services and KIST scheduler

Tor is the first release in the 0.3.2.x series. It includes support for our next-generation (“v3”) onion service protocol, and adds a new circuit scheduler for more responsive forwarding decisions from relays. There are also numerous other small features and bugfixes here.

Introducing Keybase Teams

But Keybase teamwork is end-to-end encrypted, which means you don’t have to worry about server hacks

An open letter to the W3C Director, CEO, team and membership | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Effective today, EFF is resigning from the W3C.

Firefox, Thunderbird and VLC Are the Most Popular Apps Among Ubuntu Users

Canonical’s Dustin Kirkland attended this year’s UbuCon Europe conference for Ubuntu users and developers in Paris, France, where he revealed the results of the Ubuntu desktop survey and the apps that users want to see by default in future Ubuntu releases.

Dustin Shares Software Survey Results for the First time

Linux Academy

Launching PipeWire!

We are finally ready to formally launch pipewire as a project and have created a Pipewire website and logo.

Wim Taymans


Linux “Journalism” is in a Nose Dive

More than ever I believe very deeply that Linux “journalism” is in a nose dive of quality. Fewer and fewer “reporters” are going to the story or creating anything new, and instead have chosen the easy and lazy route of clickbait, virtue signaling journalism. It’s a well proven business model after all, and saves quite a bit of time.


Linux Foundation Head Calls 2017 ‘Year of the Linux Desktop’… While Running Apple’s macOS Himself

Perhaps I am creating unnecessary controversy. Perhaps this simply should be ignored.

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