Poop Legs | User Error 27

We’re all over the map in this episode! We cover everything from the Beard’s addictive personality and Chris’ appreciation for peeing to Wes’ trouble in listening to ‘normals’ covering specialized topics and Youtube demonetization. Plus the Orville premiere, hopes for Star Trek: Discovery, Beard’s blind step & more!

+ (00:00:24) – Does Rikai have an addictive personality?
+ (00:02:52) – Wes’ thoughts on non-tech people covering tech.
+ (00:08:14) – #AskError: When should I buy a new laptop?
+ (00:12:00) – Youtube takes on cable, is it good?
+ (00:32:12) – Demonetization
+ (00:39:12) – #AskError: What social custom needs to be retired? What was way worse than you expected? If there was a class on videogames, what would be taught?
+ (00:51:10) – Appreciating your plumbing.
+ (00:53:56) – What was a super hyped linux technology that flopped?
+ (01:06:56) – The Beard is moving soon.
+ (01:09:50) – What new shows could JB make? Other than a podcast on Human-Alien Sex, of course.

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