Distrustful US allies further delay the NSA’s new crypto, Viacom’s leaky buckets almost expose its entire IT infrastructure, plus a few more Equifax mishaps & a government spyware tool that might just be masquerading as your favorite app.

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Show Notes:

Distrustful U.S. allies force spy agency to back down in encryption fight

  • Some ISO delegates said much of their skepticism stemmed from the 2000s, when NSA experts invented a component for encryption called Dual Elliptic Curve and got it adopted as a global standard.

  • In 2007, mathematicians in private industry showed that Dual EC could hide a back door, theoretically enabling the NSA to eavesdrop without detection. After the Snowden leaks, Reuters reported that the U.S. government had paid security company RSA $10 million to include Dual EC in a software development kit that was used by programmers around the world.

Viacom exposes crown jewels to world+dog in AWS S3 bucket blunder

  • Researchers found a wide-open, public-facing misconfigured AWS S3 bucket containing pretty much everything a hacker would need to take down the company’s IT systems.

  • “The contents of the repository appear to be nothing less than either the primary or backup configuration of Viacom’s IT infrastructure,” Vickery revealed today.

  • The Amazon-hosted bucket could be accessed by any netizen stumbling upon it, and contained the passwords and manifests for Viacom’s servers, as well as the access key and private key for the corporation’s AWS account. Some of the data was encrypted using GPG, but that wouldn’t be an issue because the bucket also contained the necessary decryption keys.

Equifax sends customers to wrong website, not theirs, for help

  • The credit management company Equifax has been sending customers to a fake “phishing” website for weeks, potentially causing them to hand over their personal data and full financial information to hackers.

  • After the data breach was revealed earlier this month, Equifax established the domain www.equifaxsecurity2017.com to handle incoming customer questions and complaints. This website is not connected to Equifax’s main website.

  • On Wednesday, a user reached out to Equifax on Twitter asking for assistance. The responding tweet sent the user to www.securityequifax2017.com, which is an impostor site designed to look like the Equifax splash page.

FinFisher government spy tool found hiding as WhatsApp and Skype

  • This week (21 September), experts from cybersecurity firm Eset claimed that new FinFisher variants had been discovered in seven countries, two of which were being targeted by “man in the middle” (MitM) attacks at an ISP level – packaging real downloads with spyware.

  • When a target of surveillance was downloading the software, they would be silently redirected to a version infected with FinFisher, research found.

  • When downloaded, the software would install as normal – but Eset found it would also be covertly bundled with the surveillance tool.


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Round Up:

Apache Struts Vulnerability: More Than 3,000 Organizations At Risk Of Breach

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