We cover the problematic implications of SESTA, the latest internet regulations proposed in the US, plus some PR troubles for CBS’s Showtime after cryptocoin mining software was found embedded in their webpage & Dan gets excited as we discuss why tape-powered backups are still important for many large organizations.

And of course your feedback, a fantastic round-up & so much more on this week’s episode of TechSNAP!

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Show Notes:

Google Will Survive SESTA. Your Startup Might Not.

Companies Look to an Old Technology to Protect Against New Threats

  • Tape is an old techology. It is also highly reliable and stable

  • Tape sales are increasing

  • Yep, backup to NAS is great, but do you have different versions of your data?

CBS’s Showtime caught mining crypto-coins in viewers’ web browsers

  • This isn’t about CBS. It’s about the potential for abuse by website owners

  • Code unlikely to be official sanctioned / added by CBS; mure more likely it was a malicious third party or insider.

  • The email address associated with the mining account is personal, not corporate

  • Ethical issues for content providers to figure out


Round Up:

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