Warp Drive | SciByte 15

Warp Drive | SciByte 15

This week on SciByte we take a quick look at warp drive tech, a few things science says about it and some of the implications it might impose.

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Show Notes:

Lightning | SciByte 9
  • In the outtakes at the end of the Lighting show Jeremy and I discuss creating a bubble of ‘normal’ space to use a loophole in science to get around the problems with faster than light travel
Bubbles, moving walkways, and holes in space
  • Special Relativity forbids objects to move faster than light within spacetime, it is unknown how fast spacetime itself can move
  • Can we accordion or fold space, or even punch a hole in space
  • Can we create a bubble of ‘normal’ space that we can manipulate through space ‘faster than light’
Alcubierre drive
  • Alcubierre warp drive is like one of those moving sidewalks that can be found in some airports, expanding the universe behind you and contracting it in front of you
  • The ship itself sits inside a bubble of ‘normal’ space riding like a surfer though the universe
Not so fast Alcubierre
  • You need a ring with lots of negative energy wrapped around the ship
  • It is still debated in physics whether negative energy can exist
  • Classical physics tends toward a “no,” while quantum physics leans to a “maybe, yes.”
  • Need the ability to turn this on and off at will
  • It brings up time-travel paradoxes
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