We’ve got bad news for Wifi-lovers as the KRACK hack takes the world by storm; We have the details & some places to watch to make sure you stay patched. Plus, some distressing revelations about third party access to your personal information through some US mobile carriers. Then we cover the ongoing debate over HAMR, MAMR, and the future of hard drive technology & take a mini deep dive into the world of elliptic curve cryptography.

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Show Notes:

Update Every Device — This KRACK Hack Kills Your Wi-Fi Privacy

  • use a VPN & https, which would reduce the attack surface, but it’s not ‘perfect’.

  • Update from Forbes

  • Lots of stuff updated. Lots of stuff not. This is where it pays to know what you have in use and monitor your suppliers for notices.

Mobile carriers selling personal data

Western Digital Stuns Storage Industry with MAMR Breakthrough for Next-Gen HDDs


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