Is this Reality? | User Error 31

On this weeks episode, Chris and the Beard discuss our simulated reality, IGN buying Humble Bundle. the one piece of Sci-Fi tech we’d have if we could, why beard is a video editor & more!

+ (00:00:28) – Tech giants are a problem.
+ (00:07:38) – You can die in weird ways.
+ (00:12:08) – Google’s home assistant was “accidentally” listening to everything you said.
+ (00:15:10) – IGN has bought Humble Bundle. Are they dead?
+ (00:19:00) – Are we living in a simulation?
+ (00:40:00) – #AskError: What one sci-fi device would you want more than any others?
+ (00:43:38) – #AskError: Why have a video editor when you don’t make video content anymore?

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