An easy solution to get high performance remote Linux desktop up and going, some tips on how to interact with an open source project or community & looking back at some of Fedora’s recent accomplishments.

Plus Canonical is on the path to an IPO, pirates embrace Flatpack & more!

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Follow Up / Catch Up

Librem 5 Linux-based smartphone finishes its campaign at $2,125,570 raised

Note: This was an “all-or-nothing” campaign, but we crossed well over the $1.5m goal, and will be delivering on the Librem 5 phone. If you would like a Librem 5 you can simply pre-order one of the appropriate rewards now, and we will add you to the shipping queue!

Looking back at Fedora Workstation so far

Well I thought as we putting the finishing touches on Fedora Workstation 27 I should try to look back at everything we have achieved since Fedora Workstation was launched with Fedora 21.

Pirates are now packing Windows games with Flatpak and spreading them that way

Manipulating Maintainers

There’s an old “ha ha, only serious” joke. If you go to a Linux forum and ask for help fixing your WiFi driver, everyone will ignore you. If, instead, you say “Linux sucks, you can’t even get a f*&$ing WiFi driver working!” thousands of people will solve the problem for you.

Linux Academy

Why Mark Shuttleworth Dumped Ubuntu Unity Linux Desktop

“What you’ll see at some stage soon is that we have broken even on all the pieces that we do commercially without Unity,” Shuttleworth said. “At some stage after that, we will take a round of investment which will be a growth round and that will be aimed at helping us to become a public company in due course.”

Mark Shuttleworth » Blog Archive » Beavering away at the brilliantly bionic 18.04 LTS

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you 18.04 LTS, the Bionic Beaver.


High Performance Remote Linux Desktop

I’ve recently setup two remote desktop systems running Ubuntu 17.10. One I call Orbital, up in the cloud, and one I call sub.orbital, which is a local box on the studio LAN.

I can remote into both of these using x2go, which rides on top of SSH.


x2go uses the nx library that was developed by NoMachine. All of the latency intensive parts of X forwarding was worked around by creating a nx proxy on each side of the network connection and sending compressed updates between the two proxies.

Basic features of X2Go
  • Graphical Remote Desktop that works well over both low bandwidth and high bandwidth connections
  • The ability to disconnect and reconnect to a session, even from another client
  • Support for sound
  • Support for as many simultaneous users as the computer’s resources will support (NX3 free edition limited you to 2.)
  • Traffic is securely tunneled over SSH
  • File Sharing from client to server
  • Printer Sharing from client to server
  • Easily select from multiple desktop environments (e.g., MATE, GNOME, KDE)
  • Remote support possible via Desktop Sharing
  • The ability to access single applications by specifying the name of the desired executable in the client configuration or selecting one of the pre-defined common applications

How to install X2Go

Altispeed Tech Portal

The best remote desktop experience has never been easier, we’ll show you the power of X2Go with the security of SSH!

My Current Setup
  • Ubuntu MATE 17.10

  • Low hardware requirements, keeps cost down.

  • Great workflow
  • MATE does not require a GPU powered compositor.

  • Considering XFCE for future testing


Demo of remote Linux Desktop.

x2go Screenshot


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