Mike’s back from DevFest Florida & shares something new he’s discovered, Kotlin takes a shot at Objective-C & now we can all code together, with Atom’s new trick.

Note: There is some rough “skype audio” at times, we had to use a backup recording. Totally listenable still & should be better next week.

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— Show Notes: —


Mike gets the community bug, and its a feature!

I had a great time at @DevFestFL yesterday at Disney World and it reminded me how many great #dev / #tech community events there are all around. I’m going to make a commitment for the rest of this year to either go to or host a community event once per month. #CoderRadio listeners, I’m looking for you to guide me on where to go. I live in FL but am very comfortable traveling to NYC or elsewhere if it makes sense. Who’s with me?

I made a JSON api for jupiterbroadcasting shows

Just wanted to share this simple project that I feel is ready to see some users. Github link: https://github.com/rangeroob/jupiterbroadcasting-api


Kotlin/Native v0.4 released: Objective-C interop, WebAssembly and more

We’re happy to announce the release of Kotlin/Native v0.4, KotlinConf 2017 edition! This release adds support for accessing Objective-C APIs on iOS and macOS, WebAssembly target platform, as well as introduces major changes making app development in Kotlin/Native way easier.

What is technical debt? And why does almost every startup have it?

Technical debt is any code added now that will take more work to fix at a later time — typically with the purpose of achieving rapid gains.

DevFest Florida

Florida’s biggest Google technology conference. Organized by three Google Developer Groups in the central Florida area: Space Coast, Central Florida, and Tampa Bay

Pick of the Week

Code together in real time with Teletype for Atom

Teletype for Atom wires the keystrokes of remote collaborators directly into your programming environment, enabling conflict-free, low-latency collaborative editing for any file you can open in Atom.

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