Ubuntu 11.10 Preview | LAS | s18e06

Ubuntu 11.10 Preview  | LAS | s18e06

The security breach that rocked Linux to it’s core has expanded, and we cover the breaking details.

Then – It’s our preview look at Ubuntu 11.10. Are they are on the right course? Or is this release turning into another disaster? We find out!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Marcos Garcia software enables entire Industries, to Run Linux!

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  • Many computer systems around the world have been possessed by penguins; some have even been possessed by dead rats. In light of this, it is desirable to exorcise these evil spirits, and replace them with a nice, friendly daemon
  • More to the point, there are a number of dedicated server hosting companies which only offer Linux; being able to remotely replace Linux with FreeBSD makes the offerings from these companies available to those who want to run FreeBSD.
Ubuntu 11.10 Preview:

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